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Move-IT Technology

More and more companies are migrating parts of their IT infrastructure or even their entire on-premise data center to a colocation facility, complete with extensive, high speed connectivity options, enabling them to directly access Cloud platforms with minimal latency. Move-IT Technology provides such a professional migration service in Southern Germany, relying on key infrastructure suppliers such as Legrand.


Move-IT Technology

A complete data center move is a logistical challenge that should be planned in detail in advance and then professionally implemented on the relocation date – even if much of the existing IT infrastructure is being replaced by new hardware. With the help of Legrand, Move-IT is able to help meet the challenges of relocation. 


The solution

One of Move-IT’s key suppliers is Legrand, as it is the only company that can supply the crucial components for the grey and white spaces from a single source, including brands such as Raritan, Minkels and Server Technology. Move-IT can use Modulan cages, Minkels IT racks and support structures and cable trays from Legrand as required.

With Legrand as a partner, Move-IT Technology has numerous innovative, space and energy-saving components available from a single source for the data center conversion.

Move-IT Technology
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Legrand Data Center Solutions

Legrand Data Center Solutions

Legrand Data Centers Solutions

Durable integrated solutions for an infrastructure which can be relied on to perform all circumstances. It is now time to empower your data center with our cutting-edge, highly customizable solutions designed for maximum performance and efficiency.

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