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Infrabel's quest for a modernized data center infrastructure led to a transformative partnership with Legrand. The goal of this collaboration was to strengthen and improve the company's computing facilities, while adhering to strict technical standards and ensuring optimal performance for the critical operations of the railway network.

Infrabel case study



Infrabel partnered with Legrand and distributor Kannegieter to modernize their data center infrastructure. This collaboration aimed to provide future-proof, robust, and sustainable data center solutions that met stringent technical requirements. Legrand's Nexpand solutions, including server and network cabinets, were chosen for their modularity and energy efficiency, contributing to reduced energy costs while ensuring uninterrupted railway operations.

Infrabel solution

The solution

Infrabel chose Legrand's Nexpand solutions, including Nexpand server and network cabinets, for their modularity, energy efficiency and flexibility to accommodate future changes in its data centers. These solutions met their stringent technical requirements and helped reduce energy costs while ensuring uninterrupted rail operations.

Nexpand cabinet

Nexpand solutions

“With the Nexpand server and network cabinets, complemented by Nexpand Corridors, we offer Infrabel an ideal solution for modular and energy-efficient data centers. This flexible environment gives the customer plenty of room for future modifications. At the same time, we provided customization for retrofit corridors that were built into existing cabinets. And also to the specification requirement of the most economical application, we were able to provide an answer for the optimization of the PUE value.”

For each subproject, we wanted to apply a project-based approach, whereby quick adjustments could be made to omit or add building blocks to proposed solutions

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