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T1+T2 12.5KA 2 poles surge arrester


T1+T2 12.5KA 2 poles surge arrester

REF. 412253 EAN. 3414970518248
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Technical characteristics

System configuration IT No
System configuration TN Yes
System configuration TN-C Yes
System configuration TN-C-S Yes
System configuration TN-S Yes
System configuration TT No
System configuration other No
Number of conductors (without earthing) 4
Nominal discharge surge current In (8/20) 20 kA
Nominal voltage AC 400 V
Max. continuous voltage AC 320 V
Voltage protection level 1.7 kV
Integrated backup fuse No
Mounting method DIN rail (top hat rail) 35 mm
Construction size 4 modular spacing
Max. conductor cross section solid (solid, stranded) 35 mm²
Max. conductor cross section flexible (fine-strand) 25 mm²
With remote signalling contact No
Signalling at the device Optical
Category type 2 Yes
Degree of protection (IP) IP20


4 documents
Technical Guide
Technical Sheet
F02060EN_05.pdf pdf (0.62 Mo)
Technical Sheet
F02060FR_06.pdf pdf (0.61 Mo)
Instruction Use
LE07561AA_6.pdf pdf (0.53 Mo)
3 documents
Catalogue Technical Page
ex223001_0088-0089.pdf pdf (0.16 Mo)
Catalogue Technical Page
ex223001_0087.pdf pdf (0.12 Mo)
Catalogue Commercial Page
ex223001_0084.pdf pdf (0.08 Mo)
1 document
3D Autocad
412233.dwg dwg (0.37 Mo)
1 document
LGRP-2015-068-V1-EN.pdf pdf (0.62 Mo)