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PIR 360° motion sensor Ø8m - IP20 - surface ceiling mounting


PIR 360° motion sensor Ø8m - IP20 - surface ceiling mounting

REF. 048948 EAN. 3414970809483
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Technical characteristics

Model Presence detector
Sensor type Passive infrared
With DALI interface No
Constant light control Yes
HVAC-control No
Forced switch off No
Animal zone No
Creep-under protection No
Background monitoring No
Networkable No
Optimum mounting height 2.5 m
Max. reach sideways 8 m
Max. reach frontally 8 m
Diameter reach on floor 8 m
Suitable for wireless transmission No
Remote operation No
Supplied remote control No
Response value sensitivity adjustable Yes
Response value luminosity adjustable Yes
Dim function with dimmer basic element No
Mounting method Surface mounted
Material Plastic
Material quality Thermoplastic
Halogen free Yes
Surface protection Other
Surface finishing Glossy
Antimicrobial treatment No
Colour White
RAL-number (similar) 9003
Transparent No
Degree of protection (IP) IP20
Voltage type AC
Frequency 50-60 Hz
Nominal voltage 240-240 V
Min. switch-on time 10 s
Max. duty cycle 10 min
Detection angle horizontal 360-360 °
Response value luminosity 10-1275 lx
Temperature -5-35 °C
Number of switching zones 1
With alarm function No
With acoustic sensor No
With connection cable No
Connection cable length 0 mm
Compatible with Apple HomeKit No
Compatible with Google Assistant No
Compatible with Amazon Alexa No
IFTTT support available No


3 documents
Technical Sheet
S000087115FR-4.pdf pdf (1.69 Mo)
Instruction Use
LE09144AB.pdf pdf (1.08 Mo)
Technical Sheet
S000087115EN-2.pdf pdf (0.97 Mo)
1 document
Catalogue Commercial Page
ex223001_0885.pdf pdf (0.07 Mo)
2 documents
LGRP-00140-V01.01-EN.pdf pdf (0.56 Mo)
OC / CB-685326 (0.52 Mo)