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Legrand | Care is a brand specialising in the innovative development of connected solutions for the health and social care sectors.

A powerful integration

More than 40 years of knowledge and experience integrated within one brand.

Legrand care is born from the integration of the brands that make up the Assisted Living and Healthcare (AL&HC) business unit of Legrand: Intervox, Neat, Tynetec, Jontek and Aid Call. With more than 40 years of knowledge and experience, the brands are brought together with shared values under a common strategic vision.

Independent at home solutions

Living independently
and safely at home

At Legrand Care we work tirelessly so that everyone can live in the environment of their choosing for as long as possible enjoying independence, peace of mind, safety and wellbeing.

Our person centred solutions make it possible to offer high quality digital end to end services, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our technology is designed to create connected  homes where all systems are linked to the cloud, and offer personalisation with intelligent algorithms, real time monitoring, analysing daily routines to respond to user needs in an accurate and immediate way. Providing peace of mind to relatives and optimising resources for service providers and care givers is our promise.

Independent at home solutions

Telecare and mobile telecare

IoT platform and connectivity service

Alarm monitoring management software

Vital signs telemonitoring technology

The key benefits from our integrated solutions

Ability to create a connected home.

Always connected, greater security.

Platform interoperability.

Large volume of data management.

Easy and fast installation.

Access to information anytime and anywhere.

Monitoring daily routines in real time.

Cost optimisation.

Intelligent algorithms for person centred solutions.

Independent at home solutions

NOVO Go, extending boundaries beyond the home

NOVO Go is a new, innovative, mobile telecare solution that encourages independence outside the home, whilst maintaining a professional support and response service. This opens the doors to a whole new dimension of Technology Enabled Care.

Grouped living solutions

Independent living in supported care environments

In order to support residents that live in a supported care environment, it’s imperative to strike the perfect balance between the deployment of modern digital technology and the delivery of care. Our very latest range of assisted living solutions have been carefully designed to address these needs and offer exceptional flexibility where a resident’s needs may change over time.

Legrand Care offers secure, reliable, and efficient responder solutions for both local onsite and remote offsite managed services. Digital connectivity and intelligent dual path routing ensure there is always help on hand, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Grouped Living solutions

Digitally enabled assistive living systems

Combined video door entry solutions

Onsite and offsite communications

Bi-Directional telecare

The key benefits

Dedicated Assisted Living Solutions.

Intuitive and adaptable user interfaces for simple operation.

Elegant designs for modern living environments.

End to end digital communication.

Dual path digital connectivity for speed, security and reliability.

Remote access with OTA updates.

Our Clients

At Legrand Care we place the end user and service providers at the heart of everything that we do

Our team are always striving for new ways to make the experience for service providers and end users better. Our technology is flexible, scalable and innovative because it is developed based on our clients opinions and needs.

“Thanks to Legrand Care's care systems I can better organize my work and give residents more quality time, they are happier, and I am satisfied to be able to offer closer care.”

Care giver

"Legrand Care's whole portfolio allows us to offer our clients and users a high-quality, secure, and reliable solution, removing some of those daily concerns and freeing up time.”

Service provider

“The Legrand Care 360 platform allows us to optimize technology and information to offer more professional and individualized care.”

Service provider

“Since we are using NOVO in the business area Independent Living, we have a much better overview of the installed devices and their functions. The remote services help us to save a lot of time in everyday life."

Care giver

“Meanwhile we have many NOVO care phones out in the field and it's getting more and more. With the digital solution from Legrand Care we have a much better overview of the installed devices and their functions. "

Service provider

"I have lived in the countryside my whole life and I want to stay at home as long as I can. Now, that I have a pendant, my children are much more reassured."


Care home and hospitals solutions

Personalised solutions with efficient processes

In this ever changing world we appreciate the demands placed on the healthcare sector not only to keep up with current digital demands but to be ready for any future developments.

Legrand care offers technology that helps organise daily workflows more effectively so that caregivers can reduce stress and spend more time with residents and patients.

We strive to develop solutions that guarantee three essential needs in these environments; safety, efficiency, and reliability.

Thanks to our solutions, residents can live with the assurance that in the event of any need, they will receive immediate, personal, and professional care.

First class wireless solutions

Nurse call system

Intelligent monitoring system

Wandering system

Indoor positioning

Panic button

Access control

Key Benefits

Cost savings. Minimum infrastructure requirements.

Scalability to expand your solution anytime.

Traceability of the care actions of caregivers.

Time optimisation: more time for care.

Flexibility and easy maintenance.

Our company

We are a diverse
global team

Legrand care is a global team created to respond to the Legrand group goal: to improve people's lives. This shared vision is the essence of our commitment and our consolidated strategy in this new brand.

With over 40 years of experience delivering outstanding, innovative products that clearly set the standard for others to follow, Legrand Care is pioneering the use of digital technology in Technology Enabled Care with a range of products which are all designed and manufactured in-house. Through consumer insight, customer research and cutting-edge design, Legrand Care can deliver tomorrow’s technology today.

Our mission and vision

To empower people to live the healthiest and most fulfilling lives

Our vocation is to improve people's lives. To empower and help them to live the healthiest and most fulfilling lives they want in the place of their choosing.

Our tireless commitment to truly understand customer needs, enabling innovative digitally connected care solutions to be delivered. To be the technological partner of service providers, offering comprehensive and fully managed solutions that allow them to efficiently deploy improved care services.

The peace of mind of knowing that users have the best care is essential in any socio-health service. With the right technological provider, an increase in the quality of care is guaranteed.

That is why choosing Legrand | Care is the only decision.


Resetting the Digital Premium

This paper outlines how digital can be embraced across public services in a smart and innovative way. Based on learning and collaboration between sectors.

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Our team is always looking for better ways to make an easier and better life for both clients and end users. Our technology is the most flexible, scalable, and innovative because it is developed based on our clients' opinions and needs.


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Cl. Norias, 92 - Planta 1ª.
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