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Remote Access

KVM & Serial

With our KVM switches, you can effortlessly manage and access multiple devices from a single console, improving productivity and streamlining your workflow. For secure and remote control of serial devices, Raritan's serial console servers offer unparalleled convenience and peace of mind, ensuring your network remains efficiently managed and protected. Trust our powerful and user-friendly solutions to enhance your data center operations and network management.


The virtual reach provided by Raritan access products allows administrators and managers to maintain hundreds or even thousands of servers and serial devices by responding to incidents from wherever they are — eliminating travel time, speeding response and increasing productivity.


Not dependent on the hardware, database or operating system from a specific manufacturer, Raritan products supports equipment from different manufacturers, regardless of the state of the equipment.

Accelerated incident response

Remote management solutions can dramatically shorten incident response times since administrators can take action from anywhere, even emergency access nights and weekends.

Business continuity

Out-of-band access to servers and serial devices in emergency situations. Access, control and manage equipment even if the corporate network itself is down.


Secure, encrypted connections to remote IT devices with advanced security features such as AES encryption, FIPS 140-2 encryption and Smart Card authentication.

Remote Access

KVM Switches: What is best for you?

KVM switches are used to connect users to their computers. There are many types of switches to meet a wide variety of customer needs, but choosing the best KVM switches can be a challenge. Visit our selection guide to learn more.

Explore how our KVM expertise can enhance your operations and streamline your IT management.


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