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White Paper - Reliability, Flexibility, and Safety | Legrand United Kingdom

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Track busway systems are quickly becoming the solution of choice in data centers, industrial and manufacturing plants, and other facilities with high-level power distribution needs. However, not all busway systems are the same. An effective busway system offers three essential qualities – (1) Reliability (2) Flexibility and (3) Safety. When evaluating a busway system, you should apply these qualities to four primary elements: (1) track busway sections (2) joints between sections (3) plug-in units (or tap-off boxes) and (4) power monitoring systems. Furthermore, you should look for a busway solutions provider with the experience, quality, and service offerings to serve as a reliable business partner for your company. By applying the principles outlined in this white paper, you will be able to select a top-quality busway solution that will serve the ongoing power needs of your facility over the long run

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