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Structured Cabling

Structured Cabling Solutions

With today’s data centers’ complexities and the promise of higher speeds and technological breakthroughs in the not-too-distant future, it’s no wonder that the importance of structured cabling is also increasing. In contrast to the many limitations inherent in point-to-point connections, structured cabling — or the use of smaller standardized subsystems — allows easier individual connections to be found, moved, and managed. Clearly, for forward-thinking data centers, a structured cabling infrastructure is the right direction to go when it comes to data cabling solutions.

Legrand is a world leader in communication networks for data transmission, and our cabling systems provide high-quality connectivity to over 200 million devices. Investments in developing and designing structured cabling systems and solutions have enabled us to expand our offerings and achieve the highest performance levels. Legrand's complete global data communications solutions are ideal for today's multimedia networks, technologies, and applications and perfectly address key challenges, including performance, scalability, and efficiency.


The “25-year application warranty” guarantees that all expected applications function on the Legrand structured cabling solutions for 25 years. The “25-year performance warranty” guarantees the correct functioning of the Legrand structured cabling solutions for 25 years.


Our comprehensive portfolio of modular and fully scalable cabling solutions can support both existing and future increases in bandwidth and speed requirements.


Innovation and product design mean our structured cabling solutions have evolved to be flexible and easily adaptable to changing requirements, making cable management more effortless.

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Structured Cabling Solutions
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