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Server and network cabinets

Cabinets are one of the most important items in any data center that house different types of IT equipment. Server cabinets are ideally suited for installing (blade) servers, switches, patch panels, routers, and storage equipment. A network cabinet will offer the same storage capability but be suitable for higher cabling densities. When selecting a cabinet, it is critical to choose one that can adapt to your IT equipment needs and support your infrastructure to function in the most energy-efficient way possible. Nexpand addresses all the needs of a server and a network cabinet with its innovative cabinet platform offering. With multiple accessories to choose from for installing your server equipment and numerous options available to handle the higher cable densities required in a network cabinet, you can benefit from a preselected portfolio that offers faster delivery times or configure a cabinet that precisely matches your requirements.

Customised solutions

Customised solutions

Minkels specializes in creating the cabinet that will match all your needs. If our selection of standard configurations is not what you are looking for, we can provide you with your desired product after getting in contact with our sales team. Having various accessories assembled in the factory, different door types, position adjustment… Anything is possible.


Server and Network cabinets

Discover the most advanced cabinet platform

Deliver Power to Your Servers

Server Cabinets

Choose from a selection of pre-configured cabinets available in various dimensions, with a portfolio of security and cable management accessories and the option to include our premium airflow management package. Additional accessories can be ordered separately to further tailor to your demands.

Deliver Power to Your Servers

Depending on the servers you are installing, having the PDUs mounted at the rear sides of the cabinets may not be your ideal solution. With the Nexpand PDU brackets, there are multiple mounting options to suit any configuration.

Organized Cabling

Network Cabinets

The Nexpand network cabinet is designed to host the highest cabling densities. The cabinets can be selected in varying heights, with a width of 800mm and a depth of 1200mm, to maximize space. Vertical mounting rails (VMRs) have been positioned deeper in the cabinet from the front door to allow cable management mounting options not only at the back, but at the front of the cabinet as well. 

Easy Cable Management

The equipment going into a network cabinet can be complicated enough with the high number of cables going in and out.  

We commit to making your life as easy as possible by providing toolless mount cable management accessories so you can quickly modify your cabinet as required.

Configure Your Cabinet

Our expertise is to deliver you a cabinet that matches your exact needs directly from the factory. If our range of pre-configured cabinets differs from what you are looking for, or you would like to have all your required accessories preinstalled before shipment, contact us to configure your bespoke solution. 

About Nexpand

About Nexpand

A smart design was one of the main requirements by developing the Nexpand platform. During the design we constantly looked to expand possibilities and provide high levels of scalability. The functionality has been seamlessly integrated into the aluminium frame providing a fully integrated platform and the opportunity to be combined with systems and products from the Legrand portfolio.

For the interior of the server cabinet, aluminium extrusions are used, in which mounting rails are installed that are adjustable in the full width and depth. All the accessories can be mounted flexibly across all three dimensions and infinitely adjusted. In that way, the interior of the server cabinet can be custom designed without being dependent on specific holes or modular dimensions of holes.


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