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Tuscany Cloud System

In the world of digital transformation, the Tuscany Cloud System is revolutionizing Italy's digital landscape. Legrand's solutions ensured high availability, resilience, and energy efficiency, surpassing expectations and empowering businesses and citizens alike. The data center has become the heart of daily operations, driving innovation and guaranteeing uninterrupted service.


Legrand Data Center Solutions

Tuscany Cloud System

Tuscany Cloud System


Tuscany Cloud System emerged from visionary initiatives to build regional data center for cutting-edge digital services.Through collaboring with Legrand, this dynamic partnership has not only advanced Tuscany's public services but also paved the way for an era of innovative solutions in the digital landscape.


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Legrand and other key partners played a pivotal role in shaping the Tuscany Cloud System's success. Legrand's solutions, from high-availability transformers to smart PDUs, ensured uninterrupted services. This partnership showcases innovation, technology, and seamless digital advancement for the region.

Open Track Busway

Open Track Busway

The  Legrand  Group  suggested  Starline's Open Track Busway for its flexibility, fast and simple installation and maintenance-free system.  

Starline's Open Track Busway system merges track lighting flexibility and equipment power from a single source. Its open channel design enables swift, secure plug-in unit adjustments and expansions for facility managers. Ranging from 40 to 1250 amps. The flexibility to move power without shutdowns, rapid installation, and minimal maintenance make it cost-efficient


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Tuscany Cloud System
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Legrand Data Centers Solutions

Legrand Data Centers Solutions

Durable integrated solutions for an infrastructure which can be relied on to perform all circumstances. It is now time to empower your data center with our cutting-edge, highly customizable solutions designed for maximum performance and efficiency.

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