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In the bustling world of digital advertising, Taboola stands as the leading discovery and native advertising platform. When Taboola faced a daunting challenge with their PDUs, resulting in failures and disruptions in airflow and cable management, they turned to Raritan for a solution. Taboola and Raritan’s partnership led to a stronger, more resilient infrastructure.



Experiencing PDUs failure in a data center can result in numerous issues that necessitate professional resolution and adaptive solutions. Taboola faced the significant challenge of finding a dependable solution to address PDUs failures and the associated safety concerns. Thanks to Raritan's assistance, the PX-5000 surpassed all expectations, effectively enabling Taboola to achieve its ultimate objective of developing its proprietary data management software.


The solution

Collaborating with Legrand’s experts, Taboola switched to Raritan PX-5000 Series PDUs. Their new PDUs provided a more robust solution with improved cooling and better identification of power infrastructure. They also offered higher temperature ratings and advanced features for energy management and monitoring, including real-time remote switching and accurate power measurements.



The adoption of Raritan PX-5000 Series PDUs delivered tangible results for Taboola:

  1. Resolution of PDU Failures: The new PDUs successfully eliminated the recurring problem of PDU failures, improving the overall reliability of Taboola's data center infrastructure.

  2. Optimized Cooling and Airflow: Enhanced cooling capabilities addressed thermal issues, ensuring a more stable and efficient data center environment.

  3. Intelligent Energy Management: The advanced features of the Raritan PDUs empowered Taboola with real-time energy management and monitoring, supporting their proactive approach to data center optimization.

  4. Positioning for Future Growth: The collaboration with Legrand and the adoption of Raritan PX-5000 Series PDUs positioned Taboola for sustained growth and innovation in the dynamic landscape of data center solutions.

In conclusion, the partnership between Taboola and Legrand, culminating in the adoption of Raritan PX-5000 Series PDUs, not only resolved immediate challenges but also laid the foundation for a resilient, efficient, and future-ready data center infrastructure.

Raritan PX-5000 Series horizontally mounted PDUs are outstanding in form and function.

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