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Our Data Center solutions offer has been structured around four major objectives which allow us to provide an optimum response to the specific issues and needs of data centers projects: efficiency, availability, scalability, and security. With many of our customers, we have already carried out for years great and challenging projects and collected a lot of memories including this one in London, the United Kingdom.



In order to ensure that iomart can continue to both support and expand its existing services portfolio and customer base, the company operates a continuous data center improvement program. And, like the rest of the data center industry, iomart is also addressing sustainability issues. Power usage, renewables, overall carbon footprint are all in the spotlight. So how did legrand help?


The solution

“We met the Legrand Data Center Solutions team at Data Center World and the relationship grew from there. Once we’d tried the Server Technology PDUs in our rack system, we got the bar down to a size we could fit in the recess of the rack. This meant that power from the server could do a 180 degree turn, with locking power cables, so there would be no impediment a the back of the rack when technicians were working on them.”


Server Technology


The lead times, support and customer service of Server Technology, through Kinetic IT, are first-class. As for the PDUs themselves – they just work!

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Legrand Data Center Solutions

Legrand Data Centers Solutions

Durable integrated solutions for an infrastructure which can be relied on to perform all circumstances. It is now time to empower your data center with our cutting-edge, highly customizable solutions designed for maximum performance and efficiency.

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