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e-Quest, a dynamic IT company in the Netherlands, sought to enhance its IT services with a new data center in Veghel. Teaming up with Legrand, a trusted partner, they navigated challenges of growth, regional expansion, and efficient infrastructure development. This case study highlights their collaboration in creating a modern twin data center, showcasing innovation and reliability in action.


e-Quest Legrand Case study




e-Quest faced a challenging data center project marked by growth, regional expansion, and customer demands. Turning to Legrand Data Center Solutions amid global uncertainties, the collaborative effort showcased adaptability and innovation. The result: a successful deployment of a cutting-edge twin data center, highlighting the triumph of strategic collaboration in the face of adversity.

Minkels Corridor

The solution

In expanding their data center, e-Quest partnered with Legrand Data Center Solutions for its technical prowess, financial stability, and commitment to CSR. With Legrand's guidance, e-Quest seamlessly implemented a solution, including Minkels server cabinets and Legrand's PDUs. This alignment showcased Legrand's tailored solutions for project demands, meeting e-Quest's stringent standards.

Minkels rack

Minkels containment solutions

In choosing Minkels containment solutions from Legrand Data Center Solutions, e-Quest strategically addressed design constraints in their facility. The configurability of Minkels racks, including 52U options subdividable into quarters or halves, perfectly suited the diverse profiles of e-Quest's customers. This choice ensured a high level of security, meeting project demands and gaining the benefits of a tailored and secure containment solution, supported by Legrand's expertise.

For the longer term, we're not ruling out the possibility that we might build another data center. At that point, Legrand will most definitely be on our short list of preferred vendors

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