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The Dominion® KX User Stations are standalone appliances designed for high-performance IP access to servers connected to Dominion® KX III and KX IV switches. These stations can be accessed through various methods, including DSAM, RDP, VNC, VMware virtual machines, web links, and SSH connections. Optional integration with CommandCenter is also available. Discover the Dominion® KX User Stations, advanced standalone appliances designed for high-performance IP access to servers connected to Dominion® KX III and KX IV switches. Accessible through DSAM, RDP, VNC, VMware virtual machines, web links, and SSH connections, these stations also offer optional integration with CommandCenter. The sleek form factor enables versatile placement, whether on a desk, mounted in a standard 19” rack, or VESA-mounted on the back of a monitor. Deploy effortlessly using standard Cat5 cabling and Ethernet/IP technology. Effortlessly access, view, and control multiple servers spread across one, two, or three monitors. Utilize the innovative keyboard and mouse sharing feature to seamlessly work across 4, 6, 9, or more monitors. Enable web-based remote control for User Stations connected to wall monitors in studios and control rooms. Choose from two Dominion User Stations to meet your specific needs. The original Dominion KX III User Station is recommended for use with the KX III, supporting one or two monitors and servers up to 1080p. Opt for the high-performance Dominion KX IV User Station for use with the Dominion KX IV-101, offering higher video resolutions up to 4K, accommodating larger numbers of KVM sessions, and supporting up to 3 monitors. Upgrade your infrastructure by replacing outdated analog matrix switches or enhancing inflexible broadcast systems with Dominion User Stations. Deploy them seamlessly wherever hassle-free IP access is required, making them ideal for broadcast, labs, studios, control rooms, offices, and data centers. The User Station now integrates seamlessly with CommandCenter, providing centralized login and access for large deployments.

Explore the Dominion® KX User Appliances Suite

High Performance KX III and KX IV User Appliances

  • Two Powerful Intel-based platforms
  • Stream multiple video sessions at 30 to 60 frames per second
  • Ultra-fast connections and sub-second switching
  • Supports VGA, DVI, HDMI, USB-C & DisplayPort video
  • Virtual media, USB audio, Smartcard
  • Dual video/monitor support with two Dominion KX IV–101’s
  • KX IV User Station supports: 4K video, 3 monitors and more KVM sessions

Productive and Powerful User Interface

  • Multiple simultaneous IP connections across one, two, or three monitors
  • Mouse sharing feature supports 4, 6, 9 or more monitors!
  • Scan servers and optionally save screenshots
  • Favorites and hot-key switching
  • Productive window management
  • Save & restore window layouts, even across multiple User Stations
  • Chinese, German and Japanese language support

Flexible IP Solution — Easy to Deploy

  • Flexible dual LAN or WAN access
  • Use corporate and/or separate LAN
  • Connects with Cat5 cabling
  • Access hundreds of servers and devices
  • PC/Laptop access also available
  • Desktop, rack & VESA mountable
  • Support for RDP, VNC, VMware virtual machines, web links, SSH and DSAM connections
  • CommandCenter for centralized login and access

How Does It Work?

User Station Remote Control

Keyboard and Mouse Sharing

Work across multiple User Stations and 4, 6, 9, or more monitors
Can restore Window Layouts across multiple User Stations
Can login, logout, shut down & reboot multiple User Stations with one click!

Explore how our KVM expertise can enhance your operations and streamline your IT management.


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