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End Feed Metering | Legrand United Kingdom

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End Feed Metering

The Starline CPM is designed to integrate into Track Busway feed units and can accommodate up to six current inputs. It is one of the few devices available on the busway market to monitor power consumption at multiple receptacle levels, with versions that can accommodate monitoring either Vac or Vdc installations.

The CPM has connectivity options, including wired Ethernet and Modbus, and an optional 802.11n Wi-Fi version. Each device has an enhanced monitoring package enabling customers to monitor, integrate and display power consumption information. The Starline CPM also has an easy-to-install and user-friendly web interface.

Key Benefits

  • Maximize energy management and efficiency 
  • Easily analyze your power consumption data to make informed decisions
  • Seamlessly integrate with Building Management Systems (BMSs) and Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) packages 
  • Easy to install and real-time monitoring with included integral web pages

End feed metering

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