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Standalone metering | Legrand United Kingdom

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Standalone metering

Starline Standalone Critical Power Monitor (CPM) mounts easily to electrical panels and enclosures using a standard knockout, providing revenue-grade energy monitoring for new installations and retrofit applications. Local power usage data may be viewed locally on the optional display or accessed remotely via Ethernet or Modbus RTU.

The Corded CPM offers a simple way to add metering capabilities to your existing installation. With two device versions available, any load up to 63A three-phase can have monitoring added post-installation. The units will be assembled with the necessary plug and connector body and easily added to the device. To meet the specific metering requirements of your installation, custom cord lengths and plug/connector body configurations are available.

Key Benefits

  • Easily upgrade existing installations to include metering functionality
  • Incorporate metering without having to purchase new systems
  • Power usage data can be accessed remotely via Ethernet or Modbus RTU or viewed locally on the optional display 

Stand alone metering

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