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The Legrand XL³ range was designed to meet the needs of all power distribution requirements up to 4000 A. From XL³ 125 up to XL³ 4000, all the enclosures provide optimum performance and easy installation.

Xl³ enclosures are divided into four ranges according to the maximum current-carrying capacity: XL³ 125, XL³ 160, XL³ 400, XL³ 800 and XL³ 4000. Each one is available in a wide range of sizes and versions (insulated, metal, IP 30, IP 55).

Xl³ enclosures


The XL³ power distribution systems enable enclosures from 125 to 4000 A and allow you to choose standard or optimized distribution according to your needs and work habits.


XL³ power distribution systems

Optimized distribution

This proposes pre-organized versions up to 1600A, ensuring manufacturer quality and fast deployment. Optimized distribution applies the xl-part principle, which optimizes the installation equipment and provides real savings in terms of enclosure size. Optimization is done using xl-part 800 and 1600 column chassis, xl-part 400 active rear panels, xl-part 100, 125, 250, 400 row splitters and DPX support bases. The column chassis allows direct connection of DPX circuit breakers and reduced cabling time.

Optimized distribution

Standard distribution

Done using horizontal splitting combs (single-phase and three-phase up to 63A) and vertical power combs (2, 3 or 4 rows with 125 or 150 spacing), terminal blocks, splitters up to 400A, busbar supports up to 4000A. The XL³ system provides total freedom of implementation (of equipment) while respecting the professional know-how of the installer.


XL³ 4000 distribution enclosures: forms

Technicians performing maintenance are protected, solid bodies do not pass into the board, electric arcs are shielded, etc. However equipment is connected (front socket, rear sockets) and/or their attachment method (vertical or horizontal position), forms 2a, 2b, 3a, 3b, 4a, 4b all fulfill your requirements.

XL³ 4000 distribution enclosures

XL³ 4000 form 4a

XL Pro² software

XL Pro² software for efficient distribution enclosure design

A powerful user-friendly tool, XL PRO² is intended for use by designers and power distribution board installers.
It enables you to:
- Design the layout of the distribution board
- Position boards
- Visualize your projects
- Estimate project costs

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