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developing and building a hotel means defining a style that will establish
the hotel's identity

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It also involves telling your guests a story. Hotels that stand out do not make choices out of habit or by chance:
for them even the smallest detail is important, to distinguish themselves from others. To help you assert your identity, Legrand offers you the widest possible variety of shapes, materials and finishes, to meet your interior designers’ requirements and fit in with their choices. Choose designs from all our wiring device ranges that will best represent your style and the unique experiences available for your guests.


100 ranges, more than 200 functions

From standard to luxury


From standard to luxury, Legrand group offer covers all segments and all type of activities.
Whatever the requirement level of your project, there is an appropriate response.



Arteor Stickers

Touch screen with customisable standby display (using OpenWebNet and the services of a system integrator)

 Art wiring devices range provides top quality solutions for prestige installations

Art wiring devices

3 universes and 13 finishes are available to meet the requirements of all architectural styles: mémoire takes its inspiration from the decorative tradition of the great houses of the past, while epure symbolises the expression of the most contemporary lines,and fusion illustrates the subtle balance between tradition and modernity.

Standards internationaux

International electrical standards

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Legrand dans le monde

World presence

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