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Sustainable development

Acting today for a better tomorrow

For many years, Legrand has worked with its customers and partners to ensure profitable, lasting and responsible growth in its operations. This is how we meet the environmental, business and social challenges facing the world today and tomorrow.

Pernat Hervé

Hervé Pernat
Group VP Sustainable Development and Strategic Processes


A structured process of improvement

Legrand's sustainable development approach is a commitment covering three areas: social responsibility, environment and governance. These three areas comprise eight priorities, which are major concerns for the Group, and are built into the activities of the Group's teams on a day-to-day basis, with a continuing desire for progress and improvement.

3 areas, 8 priorities


Working in an ethical, transparent way, and communicating with the stakeholders, to ensure sustainable growth, Legrand applies its commitments to all its activities. One aim in particular is to involve the Group's suppliers and customers in its sustainable development approach.


The Group's environmental approach aims to incorporate environmental protection at all levels within the company. It concerns not only the sites and logistics flows but also product design. Central to all these concerns is the constant endeavour to improve the energy efficiency of buildings.




The 2011-2013 roadmap has 28 targets, for which the Group publishes an annual progress report. The roadmap was presented and approved by the Board of Directors at its May 2011 meeting. Progress towards these targets will be published annually
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A commitment to continious improvement

In order to ensure reliability of data, the reporting process, associated references and a selection of data at end 2011, were reviewed according to an agreed procedure by the Group’s statutory auditors and were certified as having obtained a moderate level of assurance.


AWARDS and distinctions

Oversight and management of CSR strategy

CAC 40 General Meeting Grand Prize 2012
“Responsible Supplier Relations” seal of approval 2012
Best Positive Tandem Award in the 9th CEO/HR Tandem awards in 2012
Ethically compliant practices 2012

Solutions, products and systems

Electrical Industry Awards 2012
Smart Grid Trophy 2012
Excellent Supplier for Social Housing Project 2012
Green Brand for Residential Building Materials 2012
Greenest AV Manufacturer 2012
Niloé Package Award
Ecoproduct Award




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