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From security surveillance to protecting against the indirect effects of lightning, Legrand will help you protect your property.

The consideration of the risks to which people and property are exposed is essential for each project.

Provide security surveillance to reduce risks

Legrand CCTV systems enable remote surveillance of all types of premises or buildings. A wide variety of scenarios, supervision with up to 255 cameras and multiple possibilities of local or remote reporting via PC, BlackBerry or iPhone, let you set up the surveillance system you need.

CCTV camera

Night/day camera for outside use

16-channel DVR monitor/recorder

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Ensure better control over access to buildings or special areas

Badge reader (1), coded keypad (2) or biometric reader (3) ... Simple and ergonomic functions to open hospitality premises while protecting restricted areas.

Access control system supervision via management software


Protect electrical installations and sensitive equipment against the indirect effects of lightning

Lightning can cause considerable damage and must be taken into consideration. Although lightning rods protect buildings against direct surges, their presence makes the installation of surge protectors obligatory to protect sensitive equipment against overvoltages caused by discharge currents. The Legrand range of surge protectors protects your installation from the general low voltage transformer to the socket outlet.

IT equipment is especially sensitive to power surges caused by lightning.


Modular protection for distribution boards

Modular protection

1 - New class I voltage surge protectors specifically for protection
at the origin of installations requiring a high service level
2 - Lexic voltage surge protector
3 - Lexic voltage surge protector for telephone lines


Protection installed as close to the user as possible

Surge protector

1 - Mosaic surge protector | 2 - Céliane surge protector



Dissuading intrusions, ensuring that malicious persons leave the premises as soon as possible, warning and alerting, etc. In certain countries Legrand proposes a wide range of intrusion alarms.

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