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 It is our ambition to ensure that everyone can use electricity in a sustainable way. 

Interview Philippine Declercq

Philippine Declercq

Group VP CSR


    40 %

    of the world's energy is consumed by buildings

    source : IEA / International Energy Agency


    20 %

    of the world's population has no access to the standard functions of an electrical installation

    source : IEA / International Energy Agenc)

  • focal points :

    • Offer sustainable solutions to Users

    • Act ethically towards Society

    • Commit to our Employees

    • Limit our footprint on the Environment

  • 10  priority issues

  • 1 2014-2018 roadmap

CSR in action

  • Copytracer: protecting the user AGAINST COUNTERFEITING

    Picture copytracer exemple


  • Legrand Foundation : First call for projects

    Fondation Legrand


  • India: telehealth for isolated communities



  • Legrand earned ISO 50001 certification for its Energy Management System

    Legrand certifié ISO 50001


  • Bticino partners with Electricians Without Borders in Italy

    Elettrici senza frontiere


  • PEP ecopassports in China

    Legrand PEP example



resource centre

Picture of Legrand resource center

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Considering all the environmental, societal, and technological challenges facing the Group, as a world specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures, Legrand intends to do everything in its power to allow everyone to use electricity sustainably. As part of a progress approach for users, society, employees, and the environment.

A CSR strategy integrated into our businesses

Legrand's CSR strategy is located at the intersection between the Group's business, its strategy, and the global challenges it is facing. These are the challenges that guide its development every day. CSR is therefore totally integrated in Legrand's business. It involves the whole organisation: every subsidiary and entity of the Group is a stakeholder in this CSR strategy and helps to implement it.

4 focal points

At the heart of its business Legrand's CSR strategy is based on four points:

Picture Legrand CSR approach

10 priority issues

Each time Legrand faces a CSR challenge, the Group aims to implement a solution that will transform the challenge into an opportunity, to control risk, and to invent solutions to address it. This creates a progress and performance dynamic for both the Group and the electrical sector as a whole.

In 2014, following an analysis of the expectations of its stakeholders and its strategic objectives, the Group identified the ten priority CSR objectives that constitute the basis of its Social Responsibility.



A roadmap for 2014-2018

Behind each of these ten CSR issues, Legrand has defined priorities for the period 2014-2018. These priorities constitute its CSR roadmap.

This means that the 2014-2018 roadmap specifies the 21 priorities that the Group has set for itself for the period. Each priority is accompanied by indicators used to track the Group's CSR performance. Legrand undertakes to communicate annually about this performance by publishing a chart of these indicator values.

Discover the 2014-2018 Roadmap


Our CSR Approach

Our approach

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Offering users sustainable solutions

OfferING sustainable solutions for users

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Acting ethically towards Society

Acting ethically towards Society

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Committing to our Employees

Committing to our Employees

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Limiting our impact on the Environment

Limiting our impact on the Environment

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CSR resource center

CSR resource center

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CSR resource center

2014-2018 ROADMAP

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Document de reference 2015

Registration document 2016

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