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Office building

Shell & core

Energy efficiency at the heart of your electrical infrastructure


Dry-type transformers and busbars

Legrand low-loss transformers (up to 20 mvA) can reduce electricity consumption by up to 20% during off-peak activity phases. Compact and easy to use, they offer good resistance to short circuits and help reduce installation and maintenance costs. Zucchini busbar trunking provides a safe and reliable solution for high power distribution (up to 5000 A). This solution is easy to install and reduces heat dissipation.

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Dry-type power enclosures and circuit breakers

Ensuring equipment safety and continuity of service.
Legrand XL3 power enclosures are type tested according to IeC 61439-2. They accept circuit breakers from the dX3, dPX3 and dmX3 ranges which cover all breaking capacities and currents up to 6300 A. dmX3 air circuit breakers with integrated measurement control provide a genuine response to requirements in terms of safety and energy control.

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Energy quality

Reactive energy compensation systems optimise the performance of the electrical installation.
Capacitor banks compensate for the reactive energy of your electrical installation, thereby enabling energy bills to be reduced.


Energy management

Measurement is the basis of all diagnostics. by taking corrective action, you will be able to make savings of between 8 and 12%. Legrand’s supervision software allows you to access all your electrical consumption data remotely.


Sockets and charging stations for electric vehicles

Environmentally-friendly electric or hybrid vehicles are attracting an increasing number of drivers.
Legrand's Green’up charging stations allow employees to recharge their electric vehicles safely at their workplace. To simplify energy consumption management and billing, each employee has a card which records the amount of electricity used.