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Office building

Shell & core

Ensuring the safety of people and property via a building’s network infrastructure


Access control

In office buildings, protection is required for the main entrance and any sensitive areas.
Legrand supplies an easy-to-use, low-maintenance access control system offering high levels of performance and upgradeability. It accepts up to 500 users in standalone mode and 10,000 users in centralised mode. The supervision software manages different groups of users (employees, visitors, cleaners, etc.) and records the number of users entering/exiting the building/restricted access area.


Cctv security

A system of readers and cameras takes care of the personal safety, car park management and sensitive area monitoring.
Legrand offers a complete solution for displaying, recording and analysing all the data relating to the building. The CCTV system can be accessed remotely from a Smartphone.


Emergency lighting

Standalone or addressable solutions for evacuating people quickly and safely
More than ever, Legrand combines safety and energy savings with its emergency lighting solutions and their LED technology. These safety systems are available all over the world. They comply with the Group’s environmental commitments. Legrand Vision System² software centralises the operating state of addressable emergency lighting luminaires.

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Fire alarm

Legrand's conventional or addressable fire alarm systems allow you to detect and signal a fire and evacuate a building to make it safe.
To facilitate operations and maintenance in office buildings, Legrand offers training and other services for these Fire Safety Systems (FSS).


Active building manager

The active building manager is a unique system with dedicated supervision software that easily communicates with an HVAC system or a global BMS. It controls lighting management and emergency lighting systems and reports the status of fire alarms.