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The aim of investment in green building techniques and solutions is to improve economic performance. The various certifications (HQE, LEED, BREEAM, etc.) are a way for investors to determine the environmental quality of their project. For a company that cares about its image, choosing to locate offices in a green building underpins their commitment to a responsible approach to the environment. This trend is becoming increasingly common in a number of countries.


Comply with 
green standards

Comply with green standards. According to different green standards (HQE, LEED, BREEAM), our way of building is currently evolving towards a more sustainable way of designing, constructing and renovating buildings. A green building is an approach to building that considers the overall environmental impact of a building as well as the health and well-being of its occupants.
Green building programmes are voluntary, consensus- based programmes which provide guidelines to build according to sustainable criteria. If you are planning to follow this approach, Legrand's LEED or HQE-accredited experts are on hand to advise you along the way.

Reduce your
operating costs

In light of increased energy prices, investors are looking for ways to cut consumption in their buildings. Cutting electricity bills depends not only on a building's thermal performance but also on the choices made when selecting electricity management solutions.
Legrand offers solutions to help you improve energy consumption in your office buildings

Manage all energy consumption levels
in your building

To be able to manage consumption effectively, operators need to have a global overview of the building. Legrand's control and supervision tools meet this requirement and allow corrective or preventative measures to be implemented as the need arises. These controls can function remotely. Our solutions are designed to be easily integrated into a building management system.