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Office building

Fit out

Adapt easily and facilitate change
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Meeting room

Control screen

Intelligent solutions for controlling lighting, roller blinds, projector screens, etc. with a single action, optimising both user comfort and efficiency.
Legrand's touch screens allow centralised, local or remote control. These automation systems use BUS/SCS or BUS/KNX technology. Any modifications to the installation are easily made thanks to ZigBee wireless technology.


Power enclosures and protection

Various connections contribute to working efficiency in conference rooms, meeting rooms and open-plan spaces.
For meeting rooms with a central table, the meeting room multi-outlet extension is a conveniently designed connection solution for powering and networking up to 6 computers. Any type of audio and video socket can be integrated to provide analog or digital video projection.


Workstation and open-plan


Now an essential part of structured cabling systems, Legrand's Wi-Fi terminals allow users to remain connected at all times. They can be installed in false ceilings, surface-mounted or flush-mounted along a wall. The controller is used for Wi-Fi network management (signal power, network security and traceability).

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Floor boxes and mini-columns

Flexible solutions for routing mains voltage and extra low voltage as close as possible to the users.
Floor boxes can be quickly integrated into concrete and raised access floors. They are available ready-equipped or empty for custom configuration. Mini-columns are installed discreetly under the desk to provide power within easy reach. Floor boxes and mini-columns both accept wiring accessories complying with different international standards (British, German, etc.).

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Integrated workstation solutions

With its new offer of integrated workstation solutions, Legrand provides users with functionality, ergonomics, comfort and speed of installation.
Pop-up boxes, power & data desk grommets, desk modules all integrate harmoniously into any type of workstation for individual or open-plan offices ... Immediately operational for users.

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