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Monitor and control electricity bills in your offices



Energy measurement

By monitoring your consumption, you can make savings of between 8 and 12%. And by combining this with specific action plans, you can optimise performance. The certifications (BREEAM, LEED, HQE) will encourage the use of metering in commercial buildings, per application in each panel, with consumption levels displayed on the front of the unit (for heating, cooling, hot water production, lighting, power sockets, etc.).



Lighting management

Putting a stop to energy waste, by delivering just the right lighting, exactly where it’s needed. Legrand’s lighting management solutions provide an appropriate and dependable response for office buildings. Legrand offers standalone or networked solutions to control passageways (corridors, stairwells, etc.) work areas (offices, meeting rooms) or the entire lighting system for a specific area or building. From very simple installation with standalone sensors to a global KNX solution with supervision, Legrand is able to control any lights in any area to maximize energy savings and ensure maximum comfort and flexibility.

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Green socket

Green sockets are truly “ecological”, significantly benefiting energy performance and cutting consumption levels. This system enables the sockets to function only at certain times. The green colour identifies the socket's special circuits controlled by a time switch installed in the panel. By switching off their power supply, for example from 8 pm to 7 am and at weekends, a 25% saving can be made.

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Building manager viewer

Installed on a dedicated computer, this software provides lighting management, emergency lighting, power consumption and fire alarm data.