Legrand Legrand

Office building

Fit out

Flexible electrical architecture and cabling systems minimise upgrade costs



Ups (uninterruptible power supply)

An efficient solution to guarantee continuity of service for computers and to protect sensitive equipment in office buildings. UPS units provide emergency power to workstations in the event of a mains power failure.


Power enclosures and protection

Ensuring personal safety and continuity of service.
To ensure electrical distribution on every level, Legrand offers a range of power enclosures and circuit-breakers. Legrand's desktop multi-outlet extensions allow Hpi (High immunity to unwanted tripping) residual current protection to be embedded as close as possible to the workstation, thus providing discrimination for the installation.

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Underfloor busbars

Quick and easy reconfigurations through Easybar and Electrak busbar solutions.
All the systems have minimal parts to facilitate rapid push and fit assembly. The flexible features of the Easybar and Electrak busbar systems minimise cost and disruption during any future office changes.

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Cabling systems distribution

Legrand cabling system²

The Legrand commitment: a 25-year guarantee on the performance of the channel and its components.
This structured cabling system offers fiber optic solutions, copper solutions, Wi-Fi and cabling systems enclosures. The LCS2 range was designed to optimise the performance of office networks.

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Legrand cable trays are available in sheet steel and wire mesh and are safe to install copper and fibre optic cables. Area distribution boxes ensure data security and performance. They facilitate the addition and connection of new digital equipment, which helps reduce operating costs.

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