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Office building

Fit out : design and refurbishment

Installing and reorganising an office are important and often frequent changes for a company. In the current economic climate, businesses need to be able to adapt quickly and to anticipate future equipment requirements and changes in staffing levels, as well as developments associated with working practices. Legrand provides solutions which not only guarantee a high level of flexibility in terms of the electrical installation but also an excellent level of service for your customers.


Guarantee performance & business continuity

Network performance and reliability are crucial factors for any company when selecting a digital architecture. To avoid potential data loss, the electrical network must be able to ensure continuity should the main power supply fail. It should use a secure power supply, particularly for highly sensitive equipment.
Legrand can guide you through the process of selecting your architecture with its cabling systems and UPS solutions.


Reduce your operating costs

With the onset of new local regulations (such as green leases), higher energy prices and increased awareness of the environmental impact of business activities, landlords are increasingly looking for solutions which will help them manage electricity consumption more efficiently. Legrand offers high-performance solutions - such as measurement control units and lighting management systems - which are capable of cutting electricity bills in office buildings.


Adjust your office space within your organisation

In offices, churn* is often one of the highest operating costs. Having a flexible architecture will generate significant operational cost savings for a building. Businesses require their workspaces to be highly flexible. They must, for example, be able to change from an architecture designed for individual offices to one for openplan offices or desk sharing. To ensure such changes are carried out as smoothly as possible, Legrand offers electrical and digital architectures which make it easy to reconfigure offices and adapt them to meet a company's new organisational requirements.

(*churn is the number of people who are moved around a building in one year, usually measured as a percentage).


Enhance your work environment

Comfort of occupants has a significant effect on productivity. Many studies have shown that low stress levels (good location, right temperature, correct lighting levels, fast access to information, etc.) and a good level of comfort will increase the productivity of your employees. To enhance comfort in the workplace, Legrand has developed solutions which allow office planners to create specific scenarios which are specially adapted to the different working requirements in meeting rooms, individual offices and open-plan offices, thus providing occupants with an attractive and comfortable working environment.