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  Long-term growth potential… 

Frédéric Xerri
Executive VP – Export

  • Nouvelles économies :

  • Over

    120 countries

  • 36%

    of 2015 Group sales

New economies: long-term growth potential for Legrand

Some 20% of the world’s population still has no access to electricity, and many countries expect to see expansion of their middle class. For Legrand, those trends point to attractive long-term growth potential in new-economy markets, keeping pace with the expansion of infrastructures for power generation and distribution.

A balanced presence in new economies

Legrand sells its products in over 120 new economies, and has production facilities and/or sales offices in over half of them. Legrand’s development in these countries is very evenly distributed: at year-end 2015, new economies accounted for nearly 36% of Group sales, with India—the country with the largest share for only 6%.

Fueling growth with innovation and acquisitions

Legrand draws on its two growth engines to gain ground in new economies: organic growth, fueled by innovation and regular new-product launches, and acquisitions.

Innovative new products

Britzy user interface range for the Indian market

Britzy range

Colore smart video door entry system for China

Colore smart video door entry system


Linkeo structured cabling systems for high-performance digital infrastructures

Linkeo VDI cabinet

connected user interface
range for Eastern Europe

Valena range


Targeted acquisitions

Legrand is also expanding in new economies by pursuing its strategy of targeted, self-financed acquisitions of small and mid-size companies with strong positions in promising markets. Since 2004, businesses in new economies have accounted for over 40% of acquired sales.

SJ Manufacturing (Singapore) and Valrack (India) acquisitions expand Legrand’s position in digital infrastructures for data centers

Legrand continued to expand in new economies with the acquisitions of SJ Manufacturing in Singapore and Valrack in India, both specialists in racks, Voice-Data-Image cabinets, and related products for datacenters. These acquisitions ideally round out Legrand’s offering in digital infrastructures—a growing market powered by the ever-increasing data flows in buildings.

Legrand is strengthening its positions in digital infrastructures for data centers.