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  A strong growth potential...  

Karine Alquier-Caro
Group VP – Export Operations

  • New economies

    38 %

    of 2012 sales

  • + 13.5 %

    total sales growth in 2012

  • + 13 %

    total average annual growth in sales from 2002 to 2012

Markets with high potential

New economies—including China, India, Russia, Brazil, Mexico and Chile—offer high growth potential, with fast-growing GDP, booming demographics, an expanding middle class and rising investment. Growth in all these areas fuels strong demand for innovative infrastructures for housing and other buildings—and that means significant medium- and long-term growth potential for Legrand.

Priority markets for Legrand

Over the past ten years, the Group has more than doubled its exposure to these markets of tomorrow, which accounted for 38% of consolidated sales in 2012.

Fueling growth with innovation and acquisitions

Legrand's business model relies on two growth engines to gain ground in new economies: organic growth, buoyed by innovative new-product launches, and acquisitions.


Innovation drives growth in the new economies

Arteor website

Arteor: a hit in China

Arteor—a premium range of wiring devices for the home and hotel markets—is packed with innovation. It appeals to Chinese customers for its wide variety of applications, its design and materials, as well as a distinctly international profile.

Puissance 3: still gaining ground in Brazil

A comprehensive range of products that optimize the performance of electrical enclosures at every stage, Puissance 3 was rolled out successfully in Brazil. With its cutting-edge, easy-to-use technology, Puissance 3 delivers effective protection and keeps systems running.

New Modus: a new range of wiring devices for Latin America

Launched in 2012, the New Modus range has updated Legrand's Latin American wiring device offer with a more ergonomic design and new features.


Acquisitions in markets with high potential

Legrand is also expanding in new economies by pursuing its strategy of targeted, self-financed acquisitions of small and mid-size companies with strong positions in promising markets. Businesses in new economies have accounted for nearly 50% of acquired sales since 2004.

Acquisition of Seico

In early 2013, Legrand acquired Seico, the Saudi leader in industrial metal cable trays, strengthening the group's presence in a fast-growing market where it is already the leader in wiring devices.
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Acquisition of Numeric UPS

In 2012 Legrand strengthened its positions in new economies and in the fast-growing UPS market by acquiring Numeric UPS, India's market leader for low- and medium-power UPS solutions. Numeric UPS has a portfolio of high-quality products, a strong brand, and a nationwide sales and service network of over 1,500 employees that extends the group's reach in India.
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