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 New business segments continue to expand.  

Paolo Perino
Executive VP, Strategy and Development, Chairman of BTicino

  • New business segments:




    of 2016 Group sales

New business
segments include:

  • Digital infrastructures
  • Energy efficiency
  • Home systems
  • Assisted living

New business segments present growth opportunities for legrand.

Spurred by technological breakthroughs, social change and the emergence of new needs in particular linked to developing new technologies digital infrastructures, energy efficiency, home systems and assisted living continue to grow.

Fueled by long-term social and technological change

Digital convergence and the digital economy are revolutionizing today's lifestyles, opening the way to intelligent solutions for buildings, with interactive new infrastructures that can handle rising data volumes. At the same time, consumers are responding to concerns about the environment, climate and energy resources by becoming more and more energy-conscious. Which makes the quest for energy-efficient buildings more timely than ever.

Innovative solutions

Legrand, meets these new needs by developing innovative solutions for buildings.

Digital infrastructures

As digital technology develops, it is changing the way every day electrical devices are used in profound ways. Smartphones, telephones, tablets, televisions, computers, lighting, sound systems, home appliances, cars and other technologies are more interactive, intuitive, mobile and connected than ever.
These trends in technology are increasing the volumes of data flowing through buildings. But they are also making data exchange richer and more complex—which in turn demands stronger, richer electrical and digital infrastructures. Legrand develops products and systems to equip buildings with smart digital infrastructures that can handle data flows—from LANs, the Internet, email and more—and manage a wide range of equipment, from protection and access control systems to lighting and energy sensors.

Intelligent PDUs (Power Distribution Units)

Our connected PDUs* don’t just deliver power. They enable users to gather information on a data center’s energy consumption and manage power supply to servers remotely, based on operating conditions such as energy consumption, humidity and temperature.

*Power Distribution Units


MatrixCube: an integrated mini-data center

MatrixCube: an integrated mini-data center

The MatrixCube mini-datacenter is a preconfigured, turnkey digital infrastructure solution. Fully integrated and easy to install, it meets the needs of small and mid-sized companies that want to keep their digital infrastructure in-house. The MatrixCube is an all-in-one solution, with an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), power distribution units (PDUs), a cable management system and a monitoring system.


Energy efficiency

Legrand reduces the environmental impact of residential and commercial buildings by designing products and systems that manage energy more intelligently and cut consumption. Solutions include presence detectors and power-measurement tools such as smart meters and display screens.

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EMS CX3: complete energy management in a single offer, for all distribution panels



The new EMS CX3 energy management system is an all-in-one solution with multiple modules that can control an entire electrical installation. And because it’s connected, users can measure energy consumption, both locally and remotely.

DLM: an open, integrated lighting
management platform

Digital Lighting Management offer

Legrand’s digital lighting management (DLM) offer, available on the North American market, enables users to manage building lighting for optimum energy efficiency. The DLM platform offers infrastructure control at every switch, outlet and lighting point, and it is truly open, allowing for easy integration with other building systems.


Home systems

Today's home systems are light-years beyond yesterday's electrical circuits. Designed with a new concept of home in mind, they can manage and coordinate every function in the home, tracking consumption, controlling security, adjusting temperature and lighting, managing audio systems and more.

Classe 300X: the first connected video door entry system on the market

Legrand’s new Classe 300X is the first connected video door entry system on the market. A product of the Eliot program, the new system was launched successfully in France and Italy in 2016. It enables to use a smartphone or tablet to control door access and interact via voice and video, either remotely or from within the home.


Classe 300X


Assisted living

From lighted paths and tablet-driven communications systems to “living scenarios”, Legrand designs and develops innovative solutions that help everyone live at home longer.

Quiatil remote assistance systems

In addition to conventional pendant call systems, Legrand develops comprehensive actimetry systems with sensor devices that can locate residents, monitor behavior and habits, measure health patterns, detect falls, track temperature in the home in real time, and more. These connected sensors can analyze incoming data, and if necessary send alerts to family, friends or care providers.


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