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Patrice Soudan
Deputy Chief Operating Officer & Executive VP,
Wiring Devices and Home Systems Division

  • New business segments



    of 2013 group sales

  • +11%

    average annual total growth in sales from 2008 to 2013

4 fast-growing
business segments:

  • Digital infrastructures
  • Energy efficiency
  • Home systems
  • Wire-mesh cable management

Major growth opportunities for Legrand in new business segments

New business segments—digital infrastructures, energy efficiency, home systems and wire-mesh cable management—are expanding, spurred by technological breakthroughs, social change and the emergence of new needs. In 2013, these new business segments accounted for 26% of Group sales.

Fueled by long-term social and technological change

Digital convergence and the digital economy are revolutionizing today's lifestyles. As barriers between telephony, television and internet technology crumble, "intelligent building" solutions are emerging—truly interactive new infrastructures that can manage rising volumes of data.

At the same time, consumers are responding to concerns about the environment, climate change and energy resources by becoming more and more energy-conscious, making the quest for energy-efficient buildings timelier than ever.

Innovative solutions

To meet these new needs, Legrand is developing innovative solutions for buildings.

Digital infrastructures

Legrand develops products and systems to equip buildings with smart digital infrastructures that can manage data flows—from the internet, intranet systems, and email—as well as equipment ranging from protection and access systems to energy sensors and lighting management.

Linkeo VDI enclosures

Linkeo—a comprehensive range

As the entry-segment range for LCS², Linkeo's new VDI enclosures offering is designed to provide the essential functions for data cabling. Thanks to a series of accessories associated with Linkeo enclosures, installers now have a comprehensive offering that can meet all of the requirements of commercial projects.

Energy efficiency

Legrand designs products and systems for better power management and lower consumption, reducing the environmental impact of residential and commercial buildings. Solutions include presence detectors and power-measurement tools such as smart meters and display screens.

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Lighting management

Lighting accounts for 30% of energy consumption in commercial buildings. With Legrand's lighting management systems and presence detectors, users can trim their power bills by as much as 55%.

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ECO 2 switch sensors

Home systems

Today's home systems are light-years beyond yesterday's electrical circuits. Designed with a new concept of home in mind, they can manage and coordinate every function in your home—tracking consumption, adjusting temperature, controlling security and audio systems, and more.

10-inch multimedia touch screen

My Home: premium technology

With My Home by Legrand, users can control all of their home's electrical systems whether they're at home or away—and also access My Home from their smartphone or tablet.

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Wire-mesh cable management

The world leader in wire-mesh cable management, Legrand is revolutionizing power- and telecom-cable distribution in buildings—and particularly in data centers, thanks to its dedicated Cablofil range. In 2013, the Group rounded out its offering with Fasclic Auto, a revolutionary automated wire cabling system for commercial installations.

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Markets with strong medium- and long-term potential

Looking to the future, new high-potential businesses, such as assisted living, electric-vehicle charging stations and plugs, and smart grids, offer the Group long-term growth prospects.