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Mapping of Group stakeholders

Stakeholders Expectations Responses provided by the Group Information organisations and dialogue

1. Customers

1. Quality, safety, and ease of installation of products
2. Customer awareness
3. Ethical practices and trust
4. Innovation

1. Product risk management
2. Measuring customer satisfaction
3. Responsible communication
4. Collaborative innovation

Customer service, Satisfaction surveys, Good Business Practices Guide, Partnerships and clubs, Publications and mobile applications (energy efficiency, green building)

2. Employees, union organisations

1. Quality of life and Health & Safety at Work
2. Fairness
3. Social and union rights
4. Training, Employability, Career development
5. Diversity
6. Recognition at work
7. Pay and incentive schemes

1. HR Policy and Prevention
2. Charter of Fundamental Principles
3. Participants in social dialogue
4. Provisional Skills and Mobility Management Policy
5. Diversity Policy 
6. and 7. Drivers of innovation and Group performance

Surveys on the quality of life at work, Occupational medicine, Charter of Fundamental Principles, Personnel and union representative bodies, Agreements signed or under negotiation, Group Intranet, Company newspaper, Reporting, "Elles by Legrand" committee to promote women, Professional equality guarantor network

3. Suppliers and subcontractors

1. Durable relationship and guidance policy
2. Shared specifications
3. Loyalty and fairness
4. Respect for confidentiality of data and exchanges

1. A recognised responsible relationship and joint actions
2. A quality management system
3. and 4. ethical purchasing code

Purchasing Policy, Purchasing Specification, Ethical Purchasing Code, Website, Evaluation of supplier CSR performance (approval procedure, audits, inspections, etc.), Annual meetings (supplier evaluation), Supplier Days

4. The scientific, business sector, and educational communities

1. R&D, innovation
2. Knowledge sharing, pooling of skills
3. Support to universities and research centres

1. and 2. Joint projects
2. Commitment to electrical equipment user safety
3. Close links with the education sector and joint projects

Competitive clusters, Participation in government and business sector programmes (standards, regulatory, environmental, etc.), Partnerships with schools, work experience placements, competitions, sponsorship, training

5. Financial community

1. Good governance
2. Performance

1. and 2. Regular (quarterly) detailed financial communication

Summary of the work of specialist committees of the Board of Directors, Meetings of analysts, answers to rating agency surveys, Road Show for investors, Investor Day, Sending reference document and various publications, websites. Meetings when the financial results are published

6. Shareholders

1. Performance
2. Information
3. Relationship of trust and consideration
4. Good governance

Detailed information supplied.

General Assembly accessible on the internet, Professional information broadcasters, Website, Dedicated e-mail address, Toll-free number for individual shareholders, Supplying the reference document, Publication of a letter to shareholders, Site visits, Market ethics charter

7. Civil society

1. Support to local economic growth
2. Dialogue, transparency, and ethical behaviour
3. Observance of regulations, employment law, human rights, occupational health
4. Environmental protection

1. Supporting company start-ups and fighting exclusion
2. Charter of Fundamental Principles, Competition Charter and guide to good business practice.
3.  Human Rights policy
4. Promoting sustainable development

Supporting local associations that support company start-ups
and integration, Skill sharing, Sharing reception and training facilities, Reporting, Occupational medicine

8. NGOs and associations

1. Sustainable partnerships
2. Donations
3. Support

Partnership with Electriciens sans frontières
Local partnerships and actions of Group subsidiaries

Patronage, support to local associations
Legrand Foundation