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Gilles Schnepp, président directeur général PDG Legrand

Gilles Schnepp

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Born on October 16, 1958, Gilles Schnepp joined Legrand in 1989 as Deputy Chief Financial Officer. He later took on the post of Company Secretary and was subsequently appointed Group Chief Financial Officer. He became Chief Operating Officer in 2000 and in 2001 became a member of the Executive Committee and a director of Legrand. He was Vice Chairman and Chief Executive of the Legrand group until 17 March 2006.

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Besides Gilles Schnepp, the Executive Committee comprises the following members:


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Executive VP Purchasing

Born on January 7th, 1972, Karine Alquier-Caro studied in HEC Paris (1994). She joined the Group in 2001 after a 7-year experience at Deloitte as Financial Auditor (France and Canada).
After several experiences as CFO of Legrand industrial and commercial entities, Karine Alquier-Caro was appointed VP Chief Operating Officer of the Group Export sales organization in October 2012.

Bénédicte Bahier

Executive VP Legal Affairs

Graduate of ESSEC business school and a qualified lawyer, Bénédicte Bahier began working in 2002 as a business lawyer with the law firm Linklaters. She joined Legrand in 2007 as legal expert in charge of corporate and governance related aspects, before holding positions as Risk Manager and Legal Manager. She was appointed Group VP Legal Affairs in 2012.

Antoine Burel

Executive VP and Group Chief Financial Officer

Born on December 22, 1962, Antoine Burel joined the Group in 1993 as Finance Controller and later became Chief Financial Officer at Legrand Normandie. After gaining experience at several subsidiaries, he was appointed to head up Group Finance Control in 2005. He was named Group Chief Financial Officer in January 2008.

Benoît Coquart

Executive VP France

Born on November 30, 1973, Benoît Coquart joined Legrand in 1997 to manage the Group's representative office in Seoul, before moving on to serve as Investor Relations Advisor (1998), Head of Group External Communication (2002) and then Head of Marketing Wiring Devices and Home Systems (2006). In 2007, he was appointed to head the Corporate Development unit, and in 2010, he became Group Vice-President Strategy and Development. In December 2015, Benoît Coquard was appointed Executive VP France.

Xavier Couturier

Executive VP Human Resources

Born on December 9, 1964, Xavier Couturier joined Legrand in 1988 as Internal Organization Consultant and went on to hold various positions in the Human Resources Department, as Limousin HR Assistant (1989), Head of Executives Management France (1996), and Head of Management Development (2002). In 2004, he also took on responsability for Group Training. In 2008, he was appointed Group Vice-President Human Resources.

Paolo Perino

Chairman of Bticino and Executive VP Strategy and Development

Born on February 27, 1954, Paolo Perino joined BTicino Italy in 1983 as Product Manager (BTicino became part of the Legrand Group in 1989). He was subsequently appointed Marketing Manager, Marketing Vice-President and then Sales Vice-President of BTicino Italy. In 1996, he took on the role of Director and later of General Manager of Legrand SpA, an Italian subsidiary of the Legrand Group. In 2000, he was appointed Group Vice-President Marketing and External Communication. In 2006, he took over the General Management of BTicino. In 2014, he took over the management of the new Building Systems SBU while remaining Chairman of BTicino.

John Selldorff

President and Chief Executive Officer of Legrand North & Central America

Born on January 16, 1960, John Selldorff joined Legrand in 2002 to take on the position President and Chief Executive Officer, Legrand North America.

Patrice Soudan

Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Executive VP Group Operations

Born on September 29, 1958, Patrice Soudan joined Legrand in 1990 as Finance Controller for international subsidiaries. He successively held the positions of Head of Finance Control, Vice-President Group Finance Control and Group CFO from 2001 to early 2008, before taking over the management of the Wiring Devices and Home Systems Division. In 2014, he was appointed Executive VP Group Operations, in charge of all of the Group's industrial organization covering 7 SBUs.

Frédéric Xerri

Executive VP Export

Born in 1969, he joined Legrand in 1992, holding various positions in marketing in Germany and France until 1999, when he took charge of a Strategic Business Area at the Group Marketing Department. In 2003, he moved to Russia as Sales Director, and then Country Manager (2005). He moved to the Export Department in 2010, taking on the position of Deputy Vice President Export before being appointed Group Vice President Export in 2012.



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