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Switch Light tech, Light and Living


The major innovation introduced by BTicino with the Living, Light and Light Tech series was the integration of control, command and energy management systems as well as communication in the same unit, through a series of components that are discrete, easy to install and use, and which can be used independently of each other.


A new way to look at style

Many exemple

Light tech: metal in its purest form

Touch screen Light tech


The touch screen lets you manage the surrounding space and fulfill your desires by making it more comfortable. You can control each function and manage scenarios. With just a few simple touches, you can adjust the lighting, temperature and sound, with controls that offer complete harmony of colours and finishes.


From safety to comfort : a complete and modular system

From safety to comfort

Emergency lighting, sound distribution, infra-red detectors, video cameras: all these functions combine to make a full-feature modular system that allow you to associated standard switches with other wiring devices to create unique, refined solutions.


Light tech

Light tech

The total elegance and cold, technological beauty of a plate-mechanism
assembly featuring the same metal finish. LIGHT TECH plates
and mechanisms cultivate the TOTAL LOOK for all possible functions.