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  The anticipation and control of risks, as well as compliance with requirements and regulations, form the basis of our Environment approach.  

Legrand Environment Charter

  • 92 %

    of Legrand industrial sites were ISO 14001 certified by the end of 2015

  • 445 GWh

    of energy consumed by the Group in 2015

  • 87 %

    of waste recovered in 2015


  • Carbon Disclosure

    Logo carbon disclosure

    Legrand obtains an 89C rating for its commitment and the reduction of its CO2 emission

  • Greenhouse

    User in action

    2013: Legrand recognised for the quality of its greenhouse gas emission analysis (Scope 3)

  • Product Environmental

    Legrand PEP example

    Information on the environmental impact of products on their entire life cycle

  • ISO 14001

    Legrand office building ISO 14001

    6 new ISO-14001 certified sites in 2014


Our approach

Legrand has long been committed to an initiative to protect the environment. This responsibility involves the Group's sites as well as product design. The challenge is to innovate to limit the environmental impact of Legrand activities, particularly by favouring the implementation of a circular economy. Only by protecting the planet can Legrand progress and help move its business sector forwards.


Reduce the Group's environmental footprint

Legrand's environmental policy is a continuous improvement initiative that has been deployed on the Group's sites through ISO 14001 certification. Legrand intends to obtain this certification for all of its industrial and logistics sites all over the world, and by the same token it is committed to reducing the energy intensity of its activities.

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Innovate for a circular economy

Protecting the environment also involves promoting the principles of the circular economy with the Group. This means innovating to build a virtuous ecosystem based on better utilisation of natural resources (in connection with the Group's eco-design initiative) and more complete recycling of waste, both for the purposes of Legrand's manufacturing activity and for the electrical sector, in particular by setting up systems to process Legrand products at their end of life.

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A recognised approach

Legrand's environmental approach has been recognised and honoured by several awards and certifications, such as:

Document Indo Comm

The Sustainable AV (audiovisual) Award

Awarded to the Group's subsidiary Middle Atlantic Products Inc. by InfoComm International, a top-rate American professional organisation in the audiovisual industry. This prize recognises persons and organisations that have implemented sustainable environmental practices in the manufacture of products or integration of audiovisual systems, e.g. by reducing the amount of waste generated.


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The Companies and Environment Prize: the Jury's Grand Prize in the Technological Innovation category

Organised by the French Ministry for Ecology, Energy and Sustainable Development and ADEME, the Companies and Environment Prizes are awarded each year to companies with remarkable achievements in the field of sustainable development. Legrand received an award for its Building Energy Manager, a simple active energy management tool, specifically developed for small and medium-sized buildings, mainly for commercial use.

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SGBP (Singapore Green Building Product) Certification

Granted by the SGBC (Singapore Green Building Council), a non-profit organisation, for a sustainable construction standard in Singapore, this certification recognises the environmental qualities of the sensors built into the lighting management systems sold by Legrand Singapore, and in particular the capability of these systems to generate energy savings.

Autralian Package Covenant

Australian Package Covenant

Legrand Australia involved in a national initiative to reduce the amount of packaging placed on the market.




Legrand's responsibility

Our responsibility

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Our CSR Approach

Our approach

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Offering users sustainable solutions

OfferING sustainable solutions for users

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Acting ethically towards Society

Acting ethically towards Society

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Committing to our Employees

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