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 « Our aim is to position ourselves as a key player for connected buildings - in residential and commercial sectors. Thanks to Eliot, our connected devices program, and to Works with Legrand*, the physical embodiment of our approach to interoperability, our connected product range is growing and our partnerships are increasing, which is allowing us to enhance the user experience by multiplying the number of services to which users will have access using our solutions. Our presence at CES is also a strong sign of our technological advances involving the IOT and artificial intelligence. » 

Gilles Schnepp 
Chairman and chief executive officer

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Convinced of the importance of connected devices and their added value for users, Legrand is continuing to speed up its development in this area and to reinvent buildings by offering users the opportunity to experience something new. Backed by its new innovations and partnerships, Legrand is attending the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas for the 4th consecutive year.

Legrand at the forefront of the trends at CES 2018: artificial intelligence, IoT, voice recognition

Providing proof that the Group’s acceleration is entirely in line with the trends at CES, its Eliot program, which aims to speed up adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) within Legrand’s product range, has never been so dynamic. This year’s CES is therefore the perfect occasion for Legrand to:
- Demonstrate the need to develop an infrastructure tailored to the connected experience,
- Highlight the benefits of interoperability by previewing its new partnership program Works with Legrand*,
- Present its latest innovations, especially those equipping the first connected buildings in the world,
- Focus on the first systems using artificial intelligence and voice control in the world of connected buildings.

*Works with Legrand is the system that allows third parties to connect to Legrand’s products.

Legrand at CES 2018, from all angles


Legrand and Microsoft Azure

At CES 2018, Legrand and Microsoft formalised the interoperability of their technologies to enable the development of smart buildings to be speeded up and to, thereby, enhance the user experience. Together, they will be developing new connected solutions, which will be based on Legrand’s product lines within the Eliot program, on the one hand, and the Microsoft Azure solution, on the other hand. The aim is to provide users with new experiences and to offer them new services via a cloud platform. This will favour the combination of Legrand and Microsoft solutions, as well as their scalability, which enables the benefits for clients to be multiplied.

Works with Legrand : connect to Legrand’s solutions


At CES 2018, Legrand announced the launch of its partnership program, Works with Legrand, which is designed to enable third parties to connect to its solutions in order to offer new services and functionalities, hence, to create added value for the end user. Works with Legrand is embodied by a portal, which offers access to all resources providing the means to interact with Legrand’s products.



Smart Lighting Controls from the Radiant Collection

Radiant Collection

A first on the American market : “Smart Lightings Controls from the radiant® Collection” is a new connected wiring devices solution available in the USA. This control solution enables you to control not only lights and electric sockets, but also other connected devices in your home. You can do this locally or remotely with a switch, a smartphone or vocally. “Smart Lightings Controls from the radiant® Collection” is compatible with over a hundred ecosystems (Google, Amazon, Samsung SmartThings and many others). It allows an accessible and customised experience of comfort in the connected home.

CÉLIANE™ WITH NETATMO CHOSEN BY BNP PARIBAS REAL ESTATE / The first residential building with connected devices inaugurated in France

Céliane with Netatmo

Even before its official launch, Céliane™ with Netatmo was exclusively chosen by BNP Paribas Real Estate for the first residential building incorporating connected devices in France. The interoperability of the cloud and Legrand solutions enables occupants to make the experience of the connected home compatible with IOS (“Home” by Apple), Android and other platforms such as La Poste’s digital hub, Samsung’s SmartThings, Google Home, Alexa by Amazon, etc.



The « Guest Room Management » offer

offre guest room

The “Guest Room Management” offer is a comprehensive solution for managing hotel rooms. The Marriott hotel group has formed a partnership with Samsung and Legrand in order to introduce connected devices into the world of hotels to give its customers a unique experience. The Legrand solutions can be seamlessly integrated into the SmartThings platform, the Samsung cloud. Marriott wants to take its establishments and its visitors into the era of the hotels of the future where experience is put at the heart of the business.



At CES 2018, where artificial intelligence is in a prime position, Legrand is sharing its vision of this major technological advance which opens up new perspectives and promises to revolutionize our ways of living and our day-to-day uses.


In the USA Legrand works with Ivani, a technological partner, on a project to anticipate behavior patterns. The idea is simple: by continually observing a consumer’s behavior, a switch will be able to anticipate their habits. Ivani provides sensing of presence rather than just movement. This solution has various applications particularly for the home, security facilities, hotels and commercial buildings.


The partnership with the startup Craft Ai, the winner at the Legrand/Samsung Artik hackathon organised at Viva Tech 2016, is another example of Legrand’s open approach. Craft Ai adds an artificial intelligence dimension to smart buildings. It makes it possible to imagine a self-learning building, which learns about users’ habits by gathering data from the various connected products in the building.


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