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Stable performance and product durability guaranteed under a POE signal up to 50W.

Complete system with a 25-year guarantee

The LCS² offering includes copper (Cat. 6A, Cat. 6 and Cat. 5e), optical fibre and Wi-Fi solutions as well as enclosures. The systems have been designed as coherent entities to optimize their performance. Additional benefit: the perfect synergy with other Legrand products and solutions such as cable management, trunking systems, installation support or wiring devices. Legrand solutions allow the creation of coherent and efficient systems from the technical room through to the workstation.

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LCS² copper

The LCS² RJ 45 connector is the core factor in the performance of the LCS² system. In just a few seconds, you have a perfect connection, guaranteeing optimum performance for the link, from the patch panel to the RJ 45 socket.


LCS² fibre optic

From the optical fibre drawer to connectors, not forgetting zone distribution boxes. The Legrand LCS² range offers a full solution for fast, high performance connections over optical fibre.


LCS² enclosures, racks and wall mont cabinets

LCS² enclosures and racks optimised management of cables and cords. It can be easily assembled and dismantled with a complete accessibility from doors, panels, pre-cuts and low opening. LCS² wall-mounting cabinets can be fitted anywhere where maintaining aesthetic quality is very important.



Wi-Fi access points can be fitted antwhere where unrestricted access to the computer network is required. They can be fitted just like a RJ45 sockets and on any supports. The stability of performance and the durability of products are guaranteed.


LCS² workstation

Colours, materials, finishes, and more. As the global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures, Legrand has the widest range of RJ45 sockets available.

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