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 Innovation has always been a key component of growth at Legrand. 

Pierre Laroche
Group VP, Research & Technology – Innovation & Systems Department

Innovation in action

  • Modular dimmers

    variateurs modulaires

    NFC modular dimmer

  • Connected door bell

    carillon connecté

    Comfort & Security

  • Branch circuit monitor (Raritan)

    contrôleur de circuit individuel

    Branch circuit monitor by Raritan

  • PDUs

    l'appareillage BTicino Air

    Intelligent power distribution units

  • My Home up

    My Home up

    Intuitive management of all home functions

  • R & D


    of 2016 sales

  • Nearly


    people dedicated to
    R&D in 2016

  • Over


    of R&D staff dedicated to electronics, software and digital offering

Concept Stores and Showrooms :

Showcasing innovation

Concept stores are showcases for Legrand’s know-how, inviting both consumers and professionals to enter a unique world of innovation and design.

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Project Store :

Combining Showroom with training

We also take an innovative approach to customer service. Legrand project stores are actual interactive, connected showrooms where customers can get to know our solutions in a real-life setting and learn how to install them all in one place.

Innovation is–alongside acquisitions–one of legrand's two growth drivers

Innovation is a constant source of momentum at the heart of Legrand culture, driving the Group’s growth, generating regular launches of new products with greater value-in-use, and stepping up the pace of initiatives inspired by new technologies.

New products with greater value-in-use

Legrand’s innovative drive is backed by the entire Group—from development to marketing. We are constantly designing new products, developing radically new functionalities and offering innovative services with increased benefits to individual and professional users alike.

Céliane™ with Netatmo: connected home controls

Céliane™ with Netatmo: connected home controls

A major innovation developed with our partner Netatmo, a specialist in connected objects for the home, Céliane™ with Netatmo is part of a new generation of user interfaces—connected home controls. Homeowners can use Céliane™ with Netatmo to manage traditional functions such as lighting and roller shutters, and easily add further functions such as thermostats for instance.

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New connected video door entry system

Legrand’s new Classe 300X connected video door entry system, launched in 2016, is the first on the market. Customers can use a smartphone or tablet to control door access and interact via voice and video, either remotely or in the home.



DLM: an open, integrated lighting management platform

Legrand’s new digital lighting management (DLM) offer, developed for the North American market, is for commercial buildings. This connected platform is a genuine technological breakthrough, giving users infrastructure control at every switch, outlet and lighting point. Flexible, scalable and easy to install this system enables optimum energy efficiency.

Digital Lighting Management offer


Stepping up new technology initiatives

The Internet of Things, optic fiber, wireless communication, mobile apps, measurement, sensors, Big Data and more. Legrand is convinced that new technologies—and digital technologies in particular—significantly increase the value-in-use of our products for users. So in 2015 we launched the Eliot program to speed deployment of the Internet of Things in our offer and support the connected building revolution. Legrand is also forging a wide range of partnerships and technological alliances to promote interoperability and enable object-to-object communication, delivering lasting user benefits for professional and individual users alike.

Eliot: accelerating deployment of the Internet of Things in Legrand’s offerings.

Legrand is convinced that the Internet of Things has opened a new era for buildings. In 2015 the Group launched the Eliot program, an initiative aimed at accelerating the deployment of the Internet of Things in its offer. Launched in France and Italy in 2015, the program was also deployed in the United States in 2016. With Eliot, the Group has set targets that include achieving double-digit average annual growth in sales of connected products between 2014 and 2020 and doubling the number of our connected product families from 20 in 2014 to 40 in 2020. In 2016, sales made with connected products accounted for nearly €440 million, for total growth of nearly 40% over 2015.

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Collaborative agreements and strategic partnerships

Legrand is signing collaborative agreements and forging strategic partnerships with well-known players to develop connected, interoperable solutions offering lasting benefits for individual and professional users alike. Legrand has thus worked with Google on using the Google Weave communications protocol in the Group’s connected offering, and in France Legrand has partnered with La Poste to make its connected offer compatible with La Poste’s Digital Hub. Legrand is also collaborating with Samsung to develop offerings that improve hotel room comfort and management. In 2016 the Group also signed a partnership agreement with TCL, a global player in consumer goods, electronics and Internet solutions, and has worked with its partner Netatmo to design the new Céliane™ with Netatmo range.

Technology alliances to promote interoperability

In addition to its strategic partnerships, Legrand is a member of many technology alliances. These include the Open Connectivity Foundation the world’s largest consortium dedicated to enabling the interoperability of the products, systems and services that make up the Internet of Things and the ZigBee® Alliance. ZigBee® is the global open wireless standard for the Internet of Things. In each case, the aim is to create a shared language that will ultimately create new options for users.

Legrand attends CES in Las Vegas

In 2017 Legrand attended the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas for the third consecutive year. In a sign that its Eliot program was gathering pace, the Group displayed its latest new products. They included Céliane with Netatmo, a new connected home control system; Classe 300X the first connected door entry system on the market; and the Digital Lighting Management system (DLM), a new connected lighting management system for professionals in the US market. Legrand also showcased its latest infrastructure developments essential to expanding use of the Internet of Things in buildings and the Group joined its partners in promoting interoperability and object-to-object communication.

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Breaking new ground

Over the long term, Legrand dedicates 4 to 5% of sales to Research & Development, a significant investment used to explore new areas and anticipate user needs. The Legrand design team also does pioneering work, creating avant-garde concepts and blazing a trail into the future.

Green'up: outlets and charging stations for electric vehicles

Designed and developed by Legrand, Green’up is a comprehensive, innovative range of charging stations and outlets for both electric and hybrid vehicles. The newest addition to the range is the Green'up Premium station: designed for both residential and commercial use, it adapts to all vehicle models and offers multiple recharging speeds.

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FLOCOON Pixel: blazing a trail for tomorrow’s electrical command

FLOCOON Pixel is a cutting-edge electrical control concept that uses a revolutionary shape and all-new command concept to create a new relationship between humans and their habitat. Inspired by connected objects, FLOCOON Pixel harnesses interactivity and a perfect fusion of function and finish to explore smart, intuitive management of home controls. This avant-garde concept lets users play and create their own commands from simple, instinctive motions. With FLOCOON Pixel, turning lights up or down is almost a game a preview of tomorrow’s electrical controls.

Intervox solution pour l'assistance à l'autonomie

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