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 Eliot forms part of Legrand's drive for innovation.  

Pierre-Yves Hasbrouck
Architecture & Concept Platform Manager, Legrand Group

Legrand—expertise to spare


    tableau drivia

    A new generation of residential cabinets

  • BTicino Air

    BTicino Air

    The subtle revolution

  • Céliane


    A new benchmark for sockets and switches

  • Ecocompteur


    Better control of consumptions

  • Adorne


    Premium US wiring device range

  • E-refresh (Chine)


    A new range of economic wiring devices

  • Valena


    New finishes and functions

  • Archimode HE and Keor HP

    Archimod HE and Keor HP

    New generation UPS ranges

  • RGB light control


    Select colors of light sources

  • R & D


    of 2014 sales

  • Nearly


    active patents in 2014

  • Over


    experts dedicated
    to R&D in 2014

Concept Stores and Showrooms :

showcasing innovation

In 2014 Legrand opened a new concept store in Dallas, Texas (USA). Concept stores are showcases for Group know-how, inviting visitors to enter a unique world dedicated to innovation and design.

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Project Store :

a combination of showroom and training site

Legrand also innovated in service to customers, opening Innoval Lyon (France), its first "project store," at the end of 2014. This all-new concept gives customers an opportunity to explore group offerings in operation in a connected, interactive showroom and offers training to install Legrand solutions.

Innovation is, along with acquisitions, one of the drivers of Legrand's growth.

Innovation is a permanent dynamic of the Group. It is right at the heart of our culture. To innovate is to develop solutions that provide an additional benefit to the user. It is developing new features for smart and personalized management of buildings. It is improving safety, ease of implementation, ergonomics and comfort. It is also exploring new territories to anticipate needs.

Dynamics of technological innovation and marketing

Innovation is not just about technology, it's a state of mind that is supported by the entire Group. Evidently by the industrial teams, but also by the sales and marketing teams as well as those in charge of development.

Accelerate the development of Legrand's connected range

Convinced that the Internet of Things opens a new era for buildings, Legrand launched in 2015 the Eliot program. Its mission is to inspire a dynamic of communication into all Legrand products that require maintenance, supervision or remote control. Already involved in the world of connected objects, especially with My Home and intelligent safety lighting blocks, Legrand intends, with Eliot, to accelerate the development of its connected range.

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Green'up: plugs and charging stations for electric vehicles

Designed and developed by Legrand, Green'up is a complete and innovative range of sockets and terminals for recharging an electric or hybrid vehicle. The latest addition to the range, the Premium Green'up terminal responds to both residential and commercial needs; it adapts to all vehicle models and allows multiple recharging speeds.

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Céliane: a touch of inspiration that changes everything

The latest Céliane collection offers a new standard for sockets and switches, with five innovative features corresponding to new uses: a flush socket, a silent switch, a direct USB connection, a motion sensor and a wireless remote control. Design-wise, it offers 31 new finishes and new textures that enhance the light and material.

New ranges of UPS worldwide

Legrand successfully launched in 2014 several new ranges of UPS that combine innovation and service, including Archimod HE and Keor HP ranges. These new UPS can accelerate the international expansion of the Group's UPS ranges.

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Innovating to explore new territories

Each year, Legrand devotes an average of 4 to 5% of its turnover to Research & Development. These important means allow us to explore new territories. Based on permanent monitoring, the Group innovates in particular on new market segments, including energy efficiency, digital infrastructures, residential systems and assisted living. Legrand Design also leads exploratory work to devise cutting-edge concepts, taking us into the future.

Reach Plus alarme domestique

Assisted Living: Legrand imagines the home support of tomorrow

Buoyed by the Eliot dynamic, Legrand imagines complete actimetry systems which, thanks to intelligent sensors, will allow to locate residents, monitor their behavior, measure their health constantly, detect possible falls, analyze this data and automatically send an alert if needed.

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Flocoon PIXEL: Legrand presents the electrical controls of tomorrow

Avant-garde electrical control concept presented at the International Design Biennial of Saint Etienne 2015, FLOCOON Pixel is center-stage with its shape and unpublished concept of commands that create a new relationship between Man and habitat. An inspired connected object, FLOCOON Pixel explores smart and intuitive management control based on interactivity and the fusion of function and finish. It is the user who, entirely avant-garde, will be able to play and compose their own command, in one simple instinctive gesture.

Intervox solution pour l'assistance à l'autonomie

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