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  Innovation lies at the heart of Legrand's business culture  

Norma Bertacci
Group VP Electromechanical Development, CSI Division

Legrand—expertise to spare

  • Arteor

    Where innovation meets design

  • My home smartphone app

    Remote control of your home

  • Niloé

    A new range of innovative wiring devices in France and Europe

  • LB plus Busbars

    Busbar trunking systems—simple, effective and easy to install


    BTicino's premium wiring-device range


    Unprecedented protection


    New structured cabling systems for Voice-Data-Image networks in Eastern Europe


    A wiring-device range designed especially for new economies

  • R & D

    4.6 %

    of 2012 sales

  • 37 %

    of 2012 sales were new products

  • Over


    active patents in 2012

  • 2,100

    experts dedicated
    to R&D in 2012

Concept Stores :

Showcasing innovation

After Le Lab by Legrand in Paris and Bticino's Concept Store in Milan in 2011, we launched our third concept store in 2012, this time in Brussels. A unique showcase for innovation and design, the B Inspired store features all Legrand, Bticino and Vantage brand home systems and wiring devices, and is open both to the trade and to the public.

Le Lab by Legrand (Paris)

Concept store (Milan)

B Inspired (Brussels)

Innovation—one of Legrand's two growth engines, alongside acquisitions

At Legrand, we make innovation a constant priority—it's an integral part of our business culture. Innovating means creating value for everyone. Fine-tuning unique solutions. Developing new functions for customized, intelligent building management. Making devices safer, easier to install, more comfortable and more ergonomic, by offering products and solutions that can function within systems. Innovation? It's exploring new territory.

Technology & Marketing—a winning team driving innovation

Innovation doesn't stop with technology—it's a state of mind, backed by the entire group. Which means production, sales, development and marketing all have a role to play, with marketing, design and development teams working closely together to create new products.

New Sfera

New Sfera: a new range of door-entry systems

In 2012 Legrand continued to innovate with New Sfera, a new offering of audio and video door-entry systems that combines striking modern design with advanced functions. This new line was rolled out in Italy first, then deployed internationally. Learn more

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Adorne: a first for the US market

Adorne is the first high-end, modular wiring device range targeting the North American residential segment. Launched in the second half of 2012, it goes beyond traditional functions, merging sleek design and new functions for advanced solutions.

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Breaking new ground

Each year Legrand spends an average 4-5% of sales on R&D, opening doors into uncharted territory. We track markets and technology constantly, launching innovative products in new business segments—energy efficiency, digital infrastructures, home systems, and more.

Building on this momentum and our capacity to anticipate needs, we are also positioning ourselves in the markets of tomorrow. With awareness of environmental issues on the rise, we are moving into smart grids and plugs and charging stations for electric vehicles. Looking ahead to the needs of an aging population, Legrand is also developing products that help seniors stay independent.

Green'up: plugs and charging stations for electric vehicles

Green'up is a comprehensive range of plugs and charging stations for both electric and hybrid vehicles. The latest addition is Green'up Premium, designed for both residential and commercial users. It delivers power to all types of vehicle and gives drivers a choice of recharging speeds.

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Smart grids: intelligent power networks

Legrand builds smart features into wiring devices and components for buildings, then puts them to work for better energy sharing and consumption.

An EMDX3 measuring gauge linked to a MyHome energy management display.

Assisting independent living

From lighted paths and communications systems to "living scenarios"—programmable home environments—Legrand designs and develops innovative solutions that help seniors live at home longer.

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