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 Design is part and parcel of R&D and innovation 

Pierre-Yves Panis
Group Vice-President, Industrial Design & Art Director

Worldwide Breakthroughs

  • Arteor

    where innovation meets design

  • My Home smartphone app

    remote control of your home

  • Niloé

    a new range of wiring devices for France and Europe

  • Myrius

    designed for the Indian market

  • Easybar

    an electric busbar system for commercial buildings

  • LCS²

    New HD VDI solutions

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Concept Stores

Showcasing innovation

In 2011, Legrand opened concept stores in Paris and Milan—two all-new interactive settings featuring the Group's unique know-how, innovative flair and creative edge. Visit our Milan store or Le Lab by Legrand in Paris and experience Legrand's dedication to innovation for yourself.

le Lab by Legrand (Paris)

Concept store in Milan

Concept store in Bruxelles

Innovation—a key growth component at Legrand

Over 2,000 people work in development & design at Legrand, shaping the innovative solutions of tomorrow. Innovation means developing new options and functions for smart, customized building management. It means improving ergonomics and user comfort, and making products easier to install and use. And—ultimately—it means creating value for distributors, installers, specifiers and users.

Innovation drives technology and marketing

Innovation is a major growth driver at Legrand—a constant priority for everyone. Innovation doesn't stop with technology: production, sales, development and marketing all have a role to play, with marketing, design and development teams all working closely together to create new products.


Livinglight—BTicino's new premium wiring-device range

Launched in early 2011, the new Livinglight range—designed for both residential and commercial markets—has revolutionized BTicino's wiring device offer in Italy. With innovative technology that includes a high-performance mechanism, energy-saving electronics and integrated Zigbee radio technology, Livinglight offers all-new functions in a sleek, contemporary design.

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Puissance 3—an unprecedented advance in protection

First launched in France in 2011, Puissance 3 is a comprehensive range of products that optimizes the performance of electrical enclosures at every stage. Its flagship products are DPX3 circuit breakers, a protection solution enabling users to measure and control power consumption remotely.

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DPX3 circuit breakers


Innovating to break new ground

Innovating to break new ground At Legrand, we invest heavily in R&D to open doors into new, uncharted territory. We watch markets and technology constantly, launching innovative new products in new business segments including energy efficiency, digital infrastructures and home systems. We haveve harnessed this momentum to stake out positions in the markets of tomorrow—charging stations for electric vehicles, smart grids, solutions to assist independent living and more.

Assisting independent living

From lighting paths and communications systems to "living scenarios"—programmable home environments—Legrand designs and develops innovative solutions that help everyone live at home longer.

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Legrand's universal electric-vehicle charging station Green'up combines outstanding innovation and design.

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Smart Grid

Smart grids—intelligent power networks

Legrand builds smart features into wiring devices and components for buildings, then puts them to work for better energy sharing and consumption.


Spurring innovation

Innovation starts with sharing ideas. That's why Legrand partners with other industry players to develop solutions that lead to breakthroughs.

The successful expansion of the EV Plug Alliance, co-founded in March 2010 by Legrand and two industry partners, is a good example. This organization aims to develop a pan-European standard for electric-vehicle charging stations.

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The Legrand social networks

Legrand and the social networks

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2011 facts and figures

2011 facts and figures

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