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Financial information

2017 achievements and change in governance

2017 achievements

Double-digit growth in main indicators 
2017 targets fully met
Enhancing investments for the future
Milestone: performance and potential fully confirmed

Change in governance

From February 8, 2018
Separation, on a long-term basis, of the offices of Chairman and of Chief Executive Officer:
Gilles Schnepp Chairman of the Board of Directors
Benoît Coquart Chief Executive Officer

As of January 1, 2019
Antoine Burel Deputy Chief Executive Officer in charge of Operations
Franck Lemery Chief Financial Officer

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Group News

Successful new bond issue

Legrand today launched a new bond issue for a total of €400 million with an 8-year maturity. The maturity date is March 6, 2026 and the annual coupon is 1.0%.

The issue’s smooth placement demonstrates once again investors’ confidence in the soundness of Legrand’s development model as well as the quality of its financial structure.

After two successful bond issues in 2017, for a total amount of €1.4 billion, Legrand is thus pursuing its refinancing operations at very attractive rate conditions while extending its debt maturity.

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CES 2018: Legrand maps out the futur of connected buildings by incorporating artificial intelligence into its solutions

Legrand is announcing the gradual incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies into its connected solutions and their compatibility with partner solutions such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Siri and Microsoft Cortana.

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