The Group's social commitment

With close to 30,000 staff worldwide and sales and industrial sites in more than 70 countries, Legrand is continuing its development paying particular attention to the working conditions of its staff and its responsibilities as an employer and a socially responsible organisation.

The Group's social commitment falls into three main areas:

  • The first is internal: it concerns investment for staff, both in terms of health and safety at work and diversity and HR development.
  • The second is a commitment to human development: its aim is to help provide access to electricity throughout the world, in particular via a partnership with Electriciens sans frontières (Electricians without borders).
  • The third is directly linked to the Group's business: as a world specialist in electrical and digital infrastructures for buildings, Legrand devises, develops and offers solutions to help everyone continue living in their own home for longer, providing support and taking over when people lose their independence.

Investing in our

The Group's HR actions are carried out within an environment that is continuously changing.

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Access to electricity

Within the framework of its partnership with Electriciens Sans Frontières, Legrand works to promote access to electricity throughout the world.

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Solutions for assisted living

In countries that are most concerned by the ageing of the population, ensuring safety in the home and the prevention of accidents in the home are major issues.

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Sustainable Development

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Espace analyste Developpement Durable

Sustainable Development analysts Room

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Ethical commitment of group

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