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As a global specialist in products and systems for electrical and digital building infrastructures, Legrand offers green building solutions and provides both training and tailored support to investors, project managers and installers alike.

Green building - from the IDEA through to operation

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Appropriate building design is the first step on the road to achieving a green building; this means specifying the right solutions for effective control of the building's energy requirements.

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Products installed must meet demanding environmental requirements. Evidenced by standards conformity marks, this compliance ensures that projects' environmental impact is kept to a minimum, in line with sustainability principles.

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75% of a building's total cost arises during its operation, a phase in its life cycle which therefore requires specially careful attention. Users need to be equipped with the means to analyse and control how the building works, so as to reduce its environmental impact.

controlling energy demand

occupant behaviour

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There is general consensus about the fact that controlling the demand for energy requires focusing on the behaviour of building occupants. They need to be made aware of the impact they can have on their own consumption, and to be given tools to command their environment in an eco-responsible way.

system management and equipment efficiency

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Measuring and control devices enable effective measurement, analysis and command of a building's energy efficiency, both locally and remotely, thereby allowing facility managers to steer consumption patterns. As lighting is the second biggest factor causing energy consumption in buildings, one advisable move is to set up a lighting management system ranging from simple presence detection through to smart dimming.

intrinsIC BUILding Quality

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A building's energy requirement will be shaped by construction factors such as the materials used (e.g. wood vs. concrete), the amount of glazed surface, its orientation facing South or North, etc. The electrical infrastructure must not be installed to the detriment of the building's intrinsic quality; to avoid such impact on the structure itself, cold bridges need to be avoided, which is why Legrand designed the Batibox airtight flush-mounting boxes.

Building share of renewable energies

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As we consume steadily rising amounts of energy, this consumption will need to be increasingly offset by the fitting of renewable energy sources directly in buildings.


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