Legrand Legrand



For a 400m2 building
with natural lighting

Annual saving(1)
€ 327 on green tariff

Payback period 2 years

Greenhouse gas (ghg) emissions avoided(1)
425 kg CO2 eq.(2)

(1) Based on EN 15 193
(2) CO2 equivalent of all polluting gases (CO2, methane, carbon monoxide, fluorinated gases, etc.)


Legrand energy efficiency : a major criterion for high performance, sustainable buildings

Energy efficiency is now an essential part of every Legrand project. It has even become a major factor for the success of projects. As the global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures, Legrand is offering more and more solutions for improved control of electricity, to reduce consumption and  contribute towards supplying high quality energy.

Beyond the offer itself, it is the involvement of everyone in their day-to-day specification and installation work that will ensure these solutions are used fully, helping to reduce the environmental footprint of buildings, for example by reducing greenhouse gas emissions (CO2).

Responsible, clearly displayed information

Every "energy efficiency" offer is easy to identify, carrying a specific symbol on all the Group's trademarks. To make it easier for customers to choose, the Legrand Group has undertaken to indicate the benefits of its energy efficiency solutions using 3 indicators: the financial savings, the payback period and greenhouse gas emissions avoided. This is thus also sustainable communication: going straight to the essentials to assist with selecting, specifying and then installing energy efficiency solutions.


The Legrand Group's energy efficiency solutions

Homes - residential

Energy efficiency in the home

From presence sensors through to full home automation systems, all these solutions can control and program lighting, heating and other energy consuming equipment in order to optimize their use at minimum cost.

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Commercial - offices

Energy efficiency in commercial buildings

Management of lighting and office equipment, emergency lighting, measurement and monitoring of infrastructures: there are numerous solutions to reduce energy consumption and thus promote the reduction of greenhouse gases.

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Energy quality in non-residential buildings

Capacitor banks increase the efficiency of installations and network analysers can measure energy consumption and quality.

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électricité spécifique

Specific Electricity Solutions

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Projet Climact Legrand

Legrand Climact Project

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