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Energy efficiency solutions
for the home

From presence sensors through to full home automation systems, all these solutions can control and program lighting, heating and other energy consuming equipment in order to optimise their use at minimum cost.

This is a real source of savings* for households: it can represent up to 30% off energy bills.

* The energy savings are given for information purposes only, for a 110 m2 totally electric private house, in a temperate climate. These calculations are the results of mathematical simulations or measurements on actual cases and have been validated by the professional associations


01. Temperature management

Heating and air conditioning represent the largest consumption item in the home.

Heating control


Time switch

Programmable time switch: up to 12% savings on heating

02. Lighting management

Only using the necessary light: Legrand solutions help to automate these good habits.

Automatic switch

Automatic switches: up to 55% savings on lighting costs.

Dimmer switch

Dimmers: up to 58% savings on a compact fluorescent bulb with lighting dimmed to 25%.

03. Shutters management

Providing insulation in the winter and preventing heat losses, and protection in the summer, avoiding the use of the air conditioning.

Management of blinds

Centralised roller blind controls: savings of up to 10% on heating and up to 80% on air conditioning


05. Solar power connection solutions

Enabling this new renewable energy to take its proper place in our day-to-day life

solar energy

Complete connection solution (inverters and boxes) : up to € 33,689 savings a year (see focus below)


04. Energy consumption management

Cutting out waste means first of all displaying the consumption so that it can then be controlled better

Management of consumption

A system for displaying energy consumption can lead to savings of as much as 15%.

Scenario controller

Automation and living scenarios to suit individual lifestyles. Up to 10% savings on energy consumption.


focus on solar power solutions

solar power products

Inverter and box

Boxes, inverters, DC surge protector, etc. or all-in-one solutions under a single catalogue number: the Legrand Group has everything you need to connect solar panels so that your home can benefit from this new renewable energy.
Compatibility with My Home interfaces enables information feedback.

Example of a supermarket roof, area 720 m2, in the Rhône-Alpes region of France

Saving on energy(1)
€ 33,869 a year

Greenhouse gas (ghg)
emissions avoided(2)
6,693 Kg | CO2 eq.| year

(1) Electricity produced purchased by ERDF (French distribution company) at € 0.42 per kWh/year (2010 tarif). Data and calculations not contractual
(2) Greenhouse Gases (GHGs) include water vapour, ozone, carbon dioxide
(CO2 ), methane (CH4 ), and nitrous oxide (N2 O). They are measured in CO2 equivalent units


Note: A vehicle with an average consumption of 4.5 l/100 km emits
11.8 kg of CO2 /100 km i.e. 0.118 g
of CO2 /km


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