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Staff development


Legrand supports its staff right from the recruitment stage

The aim of our “Legrand, driving talent” programme is to develop the skills of our staff throughout their working life, right from the recruitment process, through induction and including shared training courses.

Skills development

Skills development: A tool provided for you

The real assets of the Legrand Group are the men and women who work there

Far from being just words, this fundamental Group value is put into practice in a global, forward-looking approach to HR management known as “Managing Jobs and Skills for the future”.

This approach has been designed for the shared benefit of the company and its staff. Its aim: to enable us to anticipate company developments by envisaging the jobs and skills that will support those developments, so that we can prepare the resources needed for the jobs of tomorrow.

One of the aims of this process is to maintain the employability of our staff. Employability means maintaining and developing a portfolio of skills so that every member of staff has the ability to do a job.

Through our training schemes, we take each individual’s personal aptitude for economic and social integration, both within the Group and outside, into consideration. This means giving everyone personal resources so that they can manage their career.

The “Managing Jobs and Skills for the future” process gives our staff a real passport to the future.

Staff development


The Legrand Group takes a close interest in the training of its staff to ensure optimum integration


Getting to know our company means you already feel a part of things. This is why we have set up an induction programme to give each new recruit an overview of our Group and ensure that they feel fully integrated in our teams. With the dedicated tools we use this induction is a smooth process, enabling new recruits to quickly build up a personal network.



Personal development involves continuing, varied training. We offer our staff a training programme which runs from the moment they join the company and continues throughout their career.
The training schemes are designed to help with:

  • Acquiring and developing shared managerial practices
  • Taking the company’s values on board
  • Dynamic networking
  • The development of a feeling of belonging and in-depth knowledge of the Group’s strategy

The teaching on the training courses empowers participants by offering a wide range of learning methods.


Cultivating talent

Cultivating talent

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