Legrand Legrand

An economic and aesthetic office tower

The Elithis tower is an office building of 5000 m² on ten levels. Thanks to its photovoltaic system, the Elithis tower produces as much energy as it consumes. A wood boiler, a heat shield and natural lighting essentially allow it to reduce its consumption. Positive energy building, the Elithis tower  rejected six times less greenhouse gases than a conventional building.

Equiped with Legrand power distribution, this office building is one of the most sober in the world in matter of energy efficiency and environmental footprint.

The wiring devices range Celiane (anodized finish) has been choosen due to its design in perfect line with the aesthetic choice of the building



the RCD 4 modules meet fully the constraints of available reduced space

A perfect compromise between high performances and budget

The Legrand XL³ range was designed to meet the needs of all power distribution requirements up to 4000 A. From XL³ 125 up to XL³ 4000, all the enclosures provide optimum performance and easy installation.


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World presence

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Efficacité énergétique

Energy efficiency

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