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 Buildings are
at the heart of
the Internet of Things

Gilles Schnepp
Legrand Chairman
and Chief Executive Officer


Why are buildings at the heart of the Internet of Things revolution?

As connected objects move gradually into every area of life, they are transforming our habits. Over the next twenty years, connected objects are likely to become the norm. Products that are incapable of communicating, acting on information transmitted to them or being remotely actuated will then be the exception. And as development of these devices increases and the flow of data travelling through buildings becomes more complex, buildings need to adapt, as of now.

What makes Legrand a stakeholder in this revolution?

The fact that it's our business! For more than 100 years we have been innovating to find the best solutions to users' expectations in terms of electrical and digital building infrastructures. The Internet of Things is a reality that we have already taken on board: Thus Legrand reported nearly 440 million euros in turnover with connected objects in 2016.
Connected objects are an opportunity for us to switch over to a mass market.

What is the rationale for the Eliot program?

The question is not knowing whether the Internet of Things will arrive, but how—the form it will take. At Legrand, we see this as an opportunity to deliver even more added value to our customers, both consumers and professionals. Our aim is genuinely to provide users with additional benefits. We believe that the ability to communicate should offer a real and lasting benefit that enhances each product’s value in use. Which is why promoting interoperability is so powerful for us.

Numerous players are getting into the market for connected devices, what makes Legrand more credible than the rest ?

Because Legrand has a long history of involvement in the building sector. Because innovation is in our genes. Because we are close to our users, we know their requirements and expectations, and we respect them, especially the security of their data. Because at the end of the day this is what we do: offering simple, intuitive products that make a lasting difference to the daily lives of users, be they consumers or professionals.

  • Nearly

    14 billion

    connected objects worldwide in 2014

  • 50 billion

    by 2020

  • Source: Cisco

What is a connected device?

"Refers to types of objects which an Internet connection endows with added value in terms of function, information, usage or interaction with their environment."

Why Eliot?

Eliot an amalgamation
of Electricity and IoT (Internet of Things).

It is the name of the Legrand program dedicated to connected devices, launched in 2015.

Connected objects represent sweeping social change, and they’re gradually becoming the norm. Designed to speed up innovation, the Eliot program responds to this challenge by accelerating deployment of connected objects in Legrand’s offer. In early 2017, Legrand attended the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas for the third year in a row, where the Group showcased its latest connected innovations and its breakthroughs in infrastructure. Legrand also joined its partners BNP Paribas Real Estate, Zigbee Alliance and La Poste in promoting interoperability and object-to-object communication.

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Our vision : a new era for buildings

As connected devices move gradually into every area of life, they are transforming our habits. This revolution is opening up a new era for buildings, leading to growth in “smart” solutions for both individual and professional users alike. Legrand is already playing a role in this revolution and convinced that the IoT will gradually emerge as the norm because it offers additional benefits for users.

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The Eliot approach

As the Internet of Things becomes a fact of life for virtually every business, Legrand is using Eliot to accelerate the development of its connected offer. Mobilizing the entire Group, the Eliot program aims at bringing the power of communication to Legrand products wherever the Internet of Things can offer added benefits for users. Eliot also supports development of suitable digital infrastructures for buildings. The Group has set ambitious targets for this program that include achieving double-digit average annual growth in sales of connected products between 2014 and 2020 and doubling the number of connected product families from 20 in 2014 to 40 in 2020.

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Eliot in action

All Legrand products that need maintenance, monitoring or remote control will benefit by being connected. The main projects currently concern home automation, wiring devices, emergency lighting, door entry systems, data centers, UPS, sound distribution, surveillance cameras, and assisted living.

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